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ehmm looks like you didn't add anything or take a any ideas from us the community....


Are you kidding? He quite literally infinitely expanded the game with Endless mode, redesigned the upgrade system, added an entirely new mechanic, and gave us Spider-tron 6000. What do you mean "didn't add anything"?

As for the "not taking ideas from the community", what do you expect for two weeks of exposure? The "suggestions" section is, as the name implies, for suggestions. I'm fairly new to coding, but I'd bet a lot of what in there (namely, new weapon ideas) would take a ton of re-coding, much less implementing.

I do my best to listen to the community!

The Feedback Form in the game has over 1500 responses, and a lot of them mentioned they wanted more levels and enemy types. Endless Mode also came up a lot, which definitely contributed to the direction of this update.

Many people also wanted a Sprint ability, which is why we now have a Jetpack.
If I had listened too closely you would have had a boring thing that just makes you run faster, rather than fly forward with special sword cuts. :)