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Day 4 : new controller test

Late post, whoops! Only had couple of hours to get some progress done, but I did get some feedback from a friend that maybe I should be pushing further outside my comfort zone and doing more scripting, tackling something like gameplay in a 3D space such as having the cormorant actually flying/swimming in the worldspace to catch the fish.

I thought why not, maybe I could try for something where the player can freely move across the surface of the water, then hitting spacebar to dive and having the player try to time when to zip down onto the fish below, so started an attempt on a real basic controller that moves according to camera position too (something I badly need more practice working with) for it but didn't get very far:

While fun to experiment and try puzzling out something new, I think it'd be best at this point to return to the original setup, rescope the idea, and get focus on getting it finished even if it's a tiny and simple 20-second long game, since I'm not at all sure how much time I'm going to have free over the remaining days.

That 3D demo looks like it takes advantage of your assets really well — and looks fun to play! Maybe after the jam finishes if you're not tired of the idea by then?