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CAETH!!!!!!! CAETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  daaaamn!!!!! holy shit "yeah i'll just play whatever game is first on the page" and now im just IM SCREAMINNGG???!!!!! holy shit holy shit!!! the godamn art! the fricking shadows!!! AAAAHHH!!! SO MOODY!!! the narrative??? AAHJGDHDJHDHD SO FRICKING GOOD!!!! WTF WTF WTF!!!! also the fricking peanut butter lmao

basically the story has swag and the art has yolo...beautiful...


ah onion!!! thank you you're too kind!!! i'm really glad that you liked it!!!! <3<3<3

ITS SO GOOD U DAMN WIZARD IM JEALOUS WTF!!!! like ok maybe i went in with not a lot of expectations which just means i wasnt thinking anything, not anything abt low expectation ok!!! but like heck by the 5th swords i was like ?????? holy shit???? how many more????? and then the ending was liek f*cking perfect ok!!!! like aaaaah!!!!!