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Really love the world you've started to set up here, hope you make more with it!

ah this was really fun! I loved the use of the moon to show the time passing. great work :D

ah this is really cute, and I'm in it??? wow! :D

thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I liked all the different spells that had to be cleaned up!

ahhhhhh this is so cute!

so many friends!

this is amazing and terrifying and I love it! I keep exploring it and finding new things, just over and over again. and dying a lot. this is SO SO SO GOOD.

thank you so much!

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OMG this ticks all the boxes (hah) for types of puzzles that I love 😍 this is great!!

also gradients make everything better

got the chance to play this and wow!!! love this big fancy house! definitely almost got lost a couple times and had a lot of fun finding all the items and learning the backstory :D this was great!

finally played this, and it was perfect for some late October spookiness :D

wow I really liked this, I felt for all those lonely robots!

wow love the use of the HD hack! Loved the stairs and the comforting feeling of getting the character back home :)

finally played this and it was AMAZING like holy crap!!!!!

Oh wow this is truly amazing! I love the way you did the interface, and categorizing the messages was so neat!  This is such a great way to incorporate the bot (and now I have a new bot to follow too yay!).

this hits so close to home ): lovely and sad

I'd say less stealing and more a lovely "translation" into bitsy :D

guh this so pretty!!!!

Thank you so much!

ahhhhhhhhhh thank you so much >////// <

Thank you so much! I wouldn't say any of the endings are "happy" per se, but I might just make a devlog of the intended endings so that folks don't have to play through a bunch of times to get them. The difference between the "happy" and "meh" ending is very very small, it's just in the last line of dialogue.

ah what a cute first game! took me a bit to figure out how to get to the bridge haha. love those worms!

ah this was really good and also sad! I enjoyed it a lot :)

Ah this was really great, especially for a first game! I felt it almost hopeful at the end, is that weird? The cycle has sadness, but also happiness too.

I love what you have so far! The HD hack really enhances it. Hope you get the chance to finish it, excited to see more :)

Wow, that's a great first bitsy! Your art style is lovely, and I love the concept too! Hope you'll make more bitsy games in the future :D

so adorable! I love all the different plants you included. there's just something so satisfying about finding the mushrooms and the characters being so happy :)

love all the little characters here, especially the mice <3! the final conversation really struck a chord with me too, feels very familiar. really good game!

Ah, that's still broken then, there' s supposed to be some ending text when you go to leave the house on the 6th day I'll have to look into that o__o;

but thank you!!!!!

I agree with what everyone else said, what a twist! Never heard the song before so I listened to it while playing the game and kept laughing? like "haha wtf???" if that makes sense. +1 on loving Bunny and Cat! Love the creative use of the jam theme!!!!!

I want the skeleton war to be canon SO BAD! Pumpkins and skeletons teaming up... fighting... oh man. This was really cute and funny!

this is great and maybe just a little bit gross but in a good way :)

Ah the small things that go wrong, just like real life laundry :') ahaha this is so cute, I love the premise and also the cute art (the floorplan! that washing machine!). great work :D

this is some great advice and something I need to get better at! so lovely :)

haha thank you! I wanted it to be true to life, or at least true to my weird experiences. Glad I'm not the only one who worries about worms!