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ohds ran vzrt ljvzlt!

awww these two are adorable. glad to have had the time to catch up on some good ol' onion dialogue ;) I love all the little details here like all of the particular ghost stuff!!! also the music choice for this was perfect :)

oh my god fuuuuck you i love you

thanks onion! <3

thank you for the kind comment I'm so glad you liked it!

This was fun. I like the idea of emulating much larger game idea that existed at one point. I also enjoyed the excuse to listen to the song for the first time in a long time :)

this was really lovely and I connected with a lot of the thoughts here :)

this was great and also what a nightmare haha

ah this looks great and the music fits really well


good moods here, fits very well together

sad ):

hell fucking yeah!!!!!

some big call center employee moods here


ohhhh the aesthetics of this are +++++++++++++++++++

THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!! I got so excited seeing the clowns >w< love the story!

oh to be inn the calzone zone myself...

i love the use of different expressions for porton :)

the text to speech is very cool thank you for writing about the process! I also really like your art style for this


thanks Emma 🙂

thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it and were able to get something out of it :)

thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!

Yes, this is intentional. The entry for "CREATING DIMENSIONAL TEARS" is the natural ending to the "story", and once you get it it only returns that option. If you just wan to see the random options, you should be able to refresh the page, or close and reopen it. The "GENERATE ANOTHER" option remembers what previous options you've encountered in your "playthrough" so it won't start fresh that way.

wow thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The ending should be (if I remember right) a big monster and a big mech.

this was good! I like the way you captured that specific brand of apathetic, teenage cruelty lol

The game does not end at the bridge, you keep moving right from there and there is a second set of rooms. I just tested it and it seemed fine so it may be something on your end, sorry.

thank you!  :)

thank you! (and yes)

ahahaha thank you for playing and commenting! this post made me very happy, I read it and was like "ah yes perfect" :)

ASDHFHADSF what the hell I wasn't expecting to feel emotions???

omg this is the first time i've actually seen rgbitsy in action and you did... so good???? it's so pretty!!!!! ashfklsdfhjdslfh

played it twice just because of that secret hint. this was (US) quite funny :D

this was so peaceful and sweet!

I love how much you were able to tell about these characters from this small game :) cute!

ahhhh great music. this was adorable!

Ahaha this was fun!!! I liked the easter egg and the design of the attic! Great idea :D

This is so adorable and fun and AHHHHHHHHHHHH