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thanks so much! and thanks for putting on an awesome jam :D

Actually being able to talk to cute girls? Can't relate ;P haha

This is so so so cute, and I love the way that you represent the people based on their hats! (and umbrella)

A lovely poem you used! I love the abstract feel of this, it's very cute :)

Love the item descriptions that you used to set the scene! The rooms look really cool too :D great first bitsy!

Aw, I'm glad it had a happy ending!

ahaha noooo! at least they are just digital worms. But it's true to the experience ;)

sometimes there are casualties :(

thank you!

Thanks! I definitely cheated by using the museum hack to string together two different bitsy files haha, but it worked for what I wanted.

This was so lovely! I would love to be on an island like this, it feels so peaceful and kind. Everything about it was so charming.

Oh wow this was great! I loved all the characterization you managed to fit into such a short story! I was totally rooting for K! The scenery was lovely and it was such an enjoyable story :D

Ah this is so lovely. Reminds me of fun memories of walking in the rain :D

(Also nice choice of Homestuck music ;) )

haha yea that is definitely true!

haha thanks!

Hey thanks! And sorry about the weird brutality of it, I legit made this in two hours while bored at work and didn't end up putting any info down for it, so that's my bad v___v;

belated reply but waaaaah thank you! <3

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belated reply but thank you!!! <3

wah thank you! It was totally an afterthought to be honest haha. glad it was enjoyable :)

hey thank you! I appreciate it :D

haha thanks!!!

Ah this was so *nice*! The rain sounds were super calming and I enjoyed playing around with all the settings and smashing the lightning :>

waaah thank you :)

Ah what a fun little puzzle! I appreciated everyone's rhymes as well :)

This was so fun! I really enjoyed your characters :)

ah this is cute! I like Cat a lot, haha.

Oh wow this is so cool! what did you do to have enter/space for the interactions?

wah this was so lovely! <3

wow! your art is amazing what the heck!!!!!!!!! this was so lovely, I'm blown away

Thank you so much! I can't take credit for the music, but I'm glad you liked the world!

As someone who has played plenty of board games (including Betrayal at House on the Hill) I love love LOVE this! It's so fun. I've gotten three endings so far, and I plan to go back and try to get the rest when I have time :>

aw thank you so much I'm glad you liked it!! <3

I relate so much to that little square!

Ah thanks! that's what I get for doing things at night.

wha thanks!!! >///< I'm glad it was cool :)

Sparse but it drew me in after reading a bit. Painted an interesting, selective picture of the past. Thanks for sharing!

the friends were so good :')

This looks really neat and silly, but it goes past the bottom of my screen and doesn't let me scroll down so I was not able to advance very far :(

This is a real neat idea!

very cool!