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I keep coming back to this throughout the day to try to get another ending. This is so fascinating and complex! I'm so glad you made it :)

hahaha wow yes this is also very good

ah onion!!! thank you you're too kind!!! i'm really glad that you liked it!!!! <3<3<3

ugh this is SO GOOD!!!!! I don't know how to convey how good this is other than yelling.

wow I love this! I always love when people make their own tarot, they're always so fun. I think my favorite is the dagger <3

ugh i love everything about this! so funny and such great bitsy mastery!

ah this is so sweet, I'm glad that it had a happy ending! :D

ah this is so lovely. there's a mood in here that resonates with me, it's... oddly comforting? good game :)

great game, great title, great swords! so many swords...

thank you Sean! :D


thanks Emma!!!!!!!! <3 I doubt I'd ever make the whole thing but you never know!

thanks ;3

this is so cute xD

Ah I love this it's so lovely! Not just the art, you also do a really good job explaining the cards, and I like how you say that it's kind of like talking to yourself, I think I would agree with that :D

Oh my gosh this is great! I love that you made your own tarot, and the fact that it's goblin themed is even better!!!!

i finally got the time to play this and WOW ONION THIS IS AMAZING????????? The colors and the characters and the dialogue holy wowowow!!! I felt compelled to run through it twice to get both endings hahaha.

this is so cute! I love all the colors and characters! what a nice little story :>

Ah, thank you for mentioning that! I didn't even think to test it in Firefox. I'll see if I can't improve it somehow.

thanks so much!

ah thank you!

ah thank you!


thanks onion!!! <3

thank you so much!

omg this is SO. GOOD. TT_____TT

oof this is too real TOO REAL

ahhhhh this was so cute!!! I spent way too long reading all the book titles cause they were all so funny...

ah this is so cute!

Really love the world you've started to set up here, hope you make more with it!

ah this was really fun! I loved the use of the moon to show the time passing. great work :D

ah this is really cute, and I'm in it??? wow! :D

thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I liked all the different spells that had to be cleaned up!

ahhhhhh this is so cute!

so many friends!

this is amazing and terrifying and I love it! I keep exploring it and finding new things, just over and over again. and dying a lot. this is SO SO SO GOOD.

thank you so much!

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OMG this ticks all the boxes (hah) for types of puzzles that I love 😍 this is great!!

also gradients make everything better

got the chance to play this and wow!!! love this big fancy house! definitely almost got lost a couple times and had a lot of fun finding all the items and learning the backstory :D this was great!