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some relatable stuff here! and the transitions work so well! I love how much story you managed to pack into one room :D

thank you for playing it!

thanks love :)

aw I feel special <3 

and yea, passing through time is just... not that cool. thank goodness for bitsy

thanks for playing it!

waaaaaaaaah this is so lovely and heartwarming even if it's lonely. I'm glad Jesse has so many friends that they can message ToT

this is creepy as hell i like it!

this is everything I didn't know I needed in a snail game. wonderful!!!!!!

you genius

I love how this turned out!!! thank you for setting this up and putting it together :D

ah thank you so much! I was very nervous talking about gender to be honest!!! but I'm glad it came off ok :)

Hi! You are the one sending the messages, the messages in the first two rooms (the starting room and the room with the plants) are meant to indicate this, specifically. Sorry that it was confusing!

Just thinkin bout them blocks...

I love this and will continue to yell about it forever

ah I love the use of the choices hack to subtly change the story aghagahgaghga now I'm even more tempted to try it out!!!

this is fantastic!!!!

ah this was amazing! I really love the art, it feels very fitting, and had some great details, like the elevator lift! :)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so good TT____TT

oh thank you! what was confusing? maybe I can help clear it up.

ok this was SO CUTE and now I'm really into this concept and I want more TT__TT

WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!! THIS IS TOO CUTE IT'S MAKING ME MAD!!! is that a thing? getting mad at a thing cause it's so cute??

ah this was so delightful and the art style is so fun!!!!

ah I love the art for this! it's so cute :) I had a bit of trouble getting around at first but figured it out. love this take on the theme :D

this was lovely and absurd (in a good way). also I really like the way you drew the mountains! :D

ah this was cute! also I can get down with some oolong and snail dreams haha

ah I love the way you have the people watching from their screens, such a nice detail :D

these small critters have evoked some big feels

oooooooh and who could that be talking about their cousin hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

DANG that's spooky!!!! love this!!

Oh wow this is so cute! And the music really makes the mood for this. I'm so happy for these sweet mice :')


thank you :) <3

ah thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

ahhhhh thank you so much for the kind words! :>

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thank you so much! the graphics were really fun to make :)

thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it :D

thank you!!!

this is some good condensed essence of bitsy

omg this is SO CUTE!!!!! and I can't believe I'm in it!!!!!! and Ducky is right, I instantly was like "oh that's me look at my hair" xD

ah this was so sweet!!!! I loved all the characters and how they all helped eachother out  TT__TT

puzzles? in MY bitsy???

this was really fun :D

I keep coming back to this throughout the day to try to get another ending. This is so fascinating and complex! I'm so glad you made it :)