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BUG? hello can you check export option? In gray scale whole sprite sheet exports ok BUT with color i receive one file with 7x2px (1kb)

Yes, that’s the palette look-up texture. It is for a simpler & faster palette-changing shader. Horizontally are laid out colors the gray value is pointing to. Vertically you can change the active palette. I don’t know about Unity shaders, soon I might be able to create an example for it. Meanwhile, I have provided a link to example projects in the description for GameMaker2 and Godot.

its possible to export edited Sprite sheet with color? Because i see only "Save gray Sprite"

It was made as a tool to generate textures for shaders. I see that it could be used for recoloring although there are better tools for that. I use Aseprite or Libresprite for that. But I’ll put that feature in fairly soon.

Ok im waiting for your feature. I like your tool

It’s in.

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great i reccomended you toot on my YT chanel for Construc3 users

Thanks! What’s the name of your channel?