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Hey great to hear! I guess this is not really your typical RPG Maker game, but the engine can produce some cool stuff if you put some effort into it.

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That I can see ^^.

I took the freedom of posting a thread about it.  Reception is not that bad (scroll down to Mortmal's comment), considering this place is generally pretty harsh.  Here is a "reception digest" :

  • most people try the game with the demo. When you discover a game-breaking bug (crash), you may want to fix the demo as welL
  • most people praised the visual style and atmosphere;
  • most people disliked coin tosses during save-related events : discovering a Book of Enlightenment, using the bed.  They were OK with coin tosses for other events (as I was).

General opinion is that the game looks nicer in battle screen than in overworld screen ; though, I personally think that you don't need to improve this, if all other aspects are improvied/fixed.

Keep up the good work ^^.