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Great, thanks a lot ! These were highly sought after ^^.

There may be a little bug left : in the Ancient City (Temple District ?), if you have Mastery over Insects and talk repeatedly to the insect in the long vertical street (the one saying "Master... don't die... take this"), it will supply you with infinite Blue vials.

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That I can see ^^.

I took the freedom of posting a thread about it.  Reception is not that bad (scroll down to Mortmal's comment), considering this place is generally pretty harsh.  Here is a "reception digest" :

  • most people try the game with the demo. When you discover a game-breaking bug (crash), you may want to fix the demo as welL
  • most people praised the visual style and atmosphere;
  • most people disliked coin tosses during save-related events : discovering a Book of Enlightenment, using the bed.  They were OK with coin tosses for other events (as I was).

General opinion is that the game looks nicer in battle screen than in overworld screen ; though, I personally think that you don't need to improve this, if all other aspects are improvied/fixed.

Keep up the good work ^^.

Thank you for the update (party actually skipped the Skin Granny combat).

I'm normally not into RPGM games. But this one has a such strong visual identity &  depth that it's a pleasure playing it ^^.

Voilà une version recompilée pour tourner sous Windows XP 32-bits mini (l'autre avait besoin de 7 64-bits) :


Sympa, c'était bien du natif ! Reste plus qu'à fusionner avec Pac-Man on E's et son ambiance psychédélique ^^.

Le seul jeu réellement jouable de la Jam ^^.

En fait c'est pas mal du tout, y aurait moyen de booster les fantômes, rajouter des levels tordus etc.

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Hi Rani,

Am I the only one who discovered this yet ?

If so, you owe me a few tips ^^. What does the illusionist's spell do ? Is there anything beyond Chapter IV ?