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Fantastic work! I can't seem to beat Around the Citadel, how the heck are you supposed to get around or climb this thing?
Also a few notes for your next update :)
- A mute option for music
- The ability to jump
- Short 3..2..1.. countdown, or you could even get rid of it
- Controller support!

I think the main problem with the countdown is that it's based on your computers framerate. This means it will be slower the less FPS you have, and faster the more. I think that the creator adapted the countdown to 60 FPS, so on less powerful machines it will count slower. It would also be better if it counted faster, though :)

I may add a 30fps mode for slower machines.  But yes, the game runs per-frame right now so that high scores are independent of your graphics performance.

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If you have your timer like so

float time = 0;

ThisRunsEveryFrame() {

 time = time + tineSinceLastFrame;


Adapted for your language, then it would be accurate on all machines. I think this is especially important with highscores. To find the time since last frame, you might be able to record the system time in a variable, and then find the change. I'm not sure if this is possible using your engine and language, but it would be a great improvement. :)

I actually fixed this last night and updated the download.  It now drops frames when the GPU can't keep up.  So it gets choppier instead of slower when framerate goes down.  The physics, scores, etc all stay consistent.


Thanks!  To go around, try to stay on the top rail as long as possible.  Once you pass the edge, you'll see the flag and it should be easy to fall down and roll to it.  I did try controller support originally, but I felt like the camera was too difficult to control with an analog stick since it needs tilting up and down.

For the controller support, you could use JoytoKey. Then you can map the buttons to key inputs.