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I loved it! The aesthetic is super memorable, the length is just about perfect. I absolutely prefer this bite-sized package to obtuse first-person-puzzlers like The Witness or even Talos Principle. For me, those are like suffering through a bland soup just to get at a few good meatballs. This was like a delicious plate of pasta - just the right length to leave me wanting a bit more, but also easy to share.


I had to watch someone's Let's Play to figure out the wood beam to jam the door. Mechanically, it just seemed a little out of place as it was the only time you really use an object from the environment that doesn't seem like a key. But maybe my missing it says more about me than the puzzle, I dunno. (It took me a while to figure out I had to push the box over with that board too, but I did get it.) In general, there aren't really any red herrings to the puzzles, and I felt like I had all the tools I needed, which I really liked.

*/end spoiler*

Other notes since it's fresh in my mind:

Everything looks wonderful. The fox animation was super great and even the orbiting of the sun made this feel a lot more "lived in" than The Witness. Which is maybe ironic since the white-heavy palette could be considered sterile in a way, but the way everything is kinda settled in, leaning on each other, also makes it feel like objects here have a story to tell. They're not perfectly erect; something has happened to them.

I also really like the notecard system, the actual notes themselves, and the way you can pick up and rotate objects. I liked the motion blur.

*one other minor, minor gripe: I got caught on the doorway coming up the stairs several times. urgh!

Anyway, kudos to you - can't wait to see what you work on next. I felt compelled to play it as soon as I saw a screenshot of it, I was compelled to finish it in a single sitting, and I enjoyed just about every moment of it. That's super rare.


That doorway IS a little small and skewed to fit your collider through... I will have to do some renovation there.

Thanks for stopping by to give me feedback, glad you liked it! I LOVE the longer puzzle games (though I havent tried Talos, I will have to...) where you really settle into a place and get to know it for a couple days... that was the plan with this, to make it longer if people liked it and want more. But when I do, stick to a series of small worldlets you can solve in about an hour apiece, like this one. So a longer coherent meal, but with courses... :)

That sounds like a really great way to do it! Looking forward to whatever you come up with next...