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Hey there!

So, I've finished the game for the first time (I mean, with a good ending) after fighting with it for quite some time. First of all, I must congratulate you for making a game where I hit a few bad endings unintentionally before getting to my first good one. After so many years playing BL and otome games, I became pretty good at it and I usually can get the endings I want straight ahead!

So, I did Pol's ending, and I really loved it, despite it being somewhat bittersweet because of all the stuff happening and that Tirs discovered. Still beautiful ending. Tirs being Tirs, it was very touching to see him choosing that path in life.

Next character I'll do will be Biel - can't wait to try that too. At least now I won't be tricked by the game anymore haha!

As for Marc well. I didn't like him in the demo, and now I hate him XD - so I won't be doing his route, but that's okay, I'm not aiming for all endings so it's fine. I'm very satisfied with his fate in the ending I did - and I suppose it's the same in Biel's, so yeah, I'm happy with that.

Overall, the story surprised me - I honestly didn't think it'll go down that path. I was expecting something more si-fi. But it doesn't make the game any less good - I really loved ill from beginning to end. 

Honestly, I have only one complaint, and it doesn't seem it's on the list of your to do things for the update, so I'll mention it. I'd love to be able to adjust the text speed. I'm a very fast reader, and the slow advancing text is bothering me a lot. I tend to set it on the fastest possible without it being entire messages appearing at once. But well, that's a minor thing, obviously.

So yeah, again, congrats on the release. Can't wait for My Burning Heart now!

Thank you very much for your detailed review!

And you are completely right about the speed option... :( The GUI was already made when I chose it, and it lacks some options, true. I'll try to add the text speed bar!