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My feedback would be, make it so they don't chase so much in the water, endlessly, make them perhaps roam the villages you're meant to pillage without me constantly not being able to get off my boat because 'The one from the start is still chasing me and clinging to the backside of my boat', as because of this I presume either a bug occurred where the objectives never updated, or that I had never found a note or objective item to change my objective from 'Find Lorenzo' to 'Find keys' because I found the airplane - - -but, it still was telling me to find Lorenzo, I quit there, because I wasn't going to drive all the way back to find one specific village of what I was missing, at that point. Getting out of the boat was essentially, 90% of the time, impossible, so I chose not to unless I saw I was alone, none was behind me in the water, and none were in the small huts on the land (Which got me fuel, but nothing else).

Making it difficult and being 'unsure' if one is about to chase you or angrily come charging from the distance is one thing, but, if beating the game involves the NECESSITY of getting off the boat to grab items on land, should make it more friendly to the player to have chances to get off the boat, that they stop chasing you, give some distance temporarily to allow exploration. Otherwise, with all these fixed, it'd be a unique and awesome game.


Thanks for the feedback, you touched on a few things that seemed to be shared by a lot of people.  For what it's worth I'll be putting out a new update later this week based on player feedback. Some of the main focus areas of the update will be enemy behavior, as well as improving the function of the xenolith and fixing a few more bugs. Thanks again!