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Thanks a lot! Enjoyed watching your video. :)

Had some good laughs watching your video, thanks man!

Thanks! Glad you liked it

Thanks for the feedback - As far as suggestions for beating the game, finding Lorenzo is certainly the hardest objective in the game. Though his location is somewhat random (he can be in a few different spots), you should generally be able to see him from your boat in most situations. He also has a flashlight so if you see white light that could be him. Once you find him, that's also a checkpoint, and should make things a bit easier.

That being said, I'll be putting out a new update this week addressing a lot of the things I've heard frequently from players. The enemies chasing too far, chasing in the water, etc. Some bug fixes as well. Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback, you touched on a few things that seemed to be shared by a lot of people.  For what it's worth I'll be putting out a new update later this week based on player feedback. Some of the main focus areas of the update will be enemy behavior, as well as improving the function of the xenolith and fixing a few more bugs. Thanks again!

Yeah it's done

Yeah I think I may know what's happening - is it getting stuck on the dialogue in the intro? If so, just press 'E' to advance it. Sorry about that I forgot to add a tooltip, I'm putting out a new build tonight to correct this.

When you say the intro, I assume you mean the campfire scene right after you start the game? Anyway thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out.