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Issue #1 would be a side effect of the new animation the indicator does. It used to just blink over to its new position, now it will ignore input if the animation is running. I hadn't considered that as I don't play it particularly quickly, and will back the change out.

When a game crashes, you can press B to get a crash report. If you are able to get that to happen again, let me know what it says so I can track down the cause. I'll put up a patch release in a little bit that addresses the cursor movement.

1.2.1 fixes the slow movement problem, thank you!

So far, I've gotten it to freeze/softlock three times this morning (by trying deliberately), but none of them have produced an actual crash, just the situation where the controls stop responding (except for the home button).

I'll let you know if I can ever produce a crash log, but in the meantime, reproducing the freeze seems to be very easy -- the only tricky part is that I believe you have to luck into a 3+ auto-combo, and you have to be hammering the A button on a row that actually has room to move, AND, sometimes the freeze doesn't happen until the NEXT time you clear blocks AFTER that, which might be several moves later.