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This game was a nice little puzzle game. The music was relaxing and even though I seem frustrated at times I really enjoyed the style and game :) I honestly can't wait for more. If you are reading this and want a pleasant experience to unwind from the day. Then give this a play.

p.s i complained about reading the notes but figured out how later in the game. Couldn't include the clip because of time restraints but just wanted to say that XD

Thanks, man! Yeah, okay... I think I need to get rid of the 'put clue away if you walk' thing. And sorry you played on a medium-quality-by-default build, where I hadn't thought of shadow draw distance from the top of the elevator :( figured it out tho! Glad you still really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed watching you!

I brute forced the code at the end XD but it was still a fun experience.  I really can't wait for your next project!