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If you, denizen of the internet are reading this and are looking for a surreal brand of psychological horror then this game is for you

This was hilarious and quirky! 

If you ignore my glaring mistake at the start of this video then I think it turned out pretty well. This is definitely a crazy play and I recommend it to whoever is gracing these words with their eyes

Made a video of your game. Hope you enjoy!

100% this, I can't wait to play more. This is what real atmosphere and horror gameplay is thank you so much for the opprotunity

Was so glad to come back to this game! you guys have improved a lot and I hope I can save Lucas in the future!

Played your game for a video! Hope you enjoy it :)

Gave it a try

your game start at 4:20 ((huehuehuehue))

Hey gave your game a try. Love the monster design

Got both of your "trips" in this indie romp haha

White diner starts at 9:10

Hope you enjoy the video I did on your game. It was very entertaining. just downloaded the mobile version!! 

Your game starts at 4:50!

Hey, Played taste the noise and white diner in my little indie romp. Hope you enjoy.

Great atmosphere. The wonders you can do with sound. I can't wait to see where you take this!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Played your game in a video, Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 6:28

Played your game in a video, Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 10:35 can't wait to see what you make of this!

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smacked this into an indie romp. I never read things before i play them and this time that failed me haha. Hope you enjoy my confusion

Your game starts at 4:50

this was pretty adorable and i loved it. I hope to play more games like this


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here's my part 2!

Made a video! I hope you enjoy

I bid Greetings

This pleases me greatly!! 

Just saw you put out your full game and i can't wait to play it. made a video on the demo a little while back hope you enjoy

Hey, Wanted to give your game a try but i'm having trouble finding the pc download.

Oh GAWD that thing at the end. So glad you didn't just cut to black like a lot of these indie games! I hope you enjoy the video I made on your game :)

Can't wait to see what more you make!

Your games keep getting better and better! These guys were just odd and creepy and just gave me chills!

Your game starts at 9:28

Played this a few updates ago but honestly can't wait to play the newest update.

Your game starts at 13:35 hope you enjoy the video

I played your game in a video I made. I hope you enjoy it.

Your game starts at 7:30

Hey, I played your game in a video i made. Hope you enjoy it

your game is the first one i played

I really enjoyed playing this and can't wait to upload the rest of it! if you are reading this I highly recommend giving it a play!

Made a video about your game. Loved what you've got going here and i'm excited for chapter 2. had some frame rate issues but nothing terrible. Fell through the world at the 5:20 point. not sure if that was intended 

I hope you enjoy the video!

Played your game in an Indie Romp. Hope you enjoy the video

your game starts at the 11:50 mark

Played your game in an Indie Romp, Loved the camera mechanic hope you enjoy he video

Your game starts at the 5 min mark

This gave me a nostalgia blast and I'm really looking forward to what you make from here!

yours is the first game in the video!

This was a good play. Really enjoyed it and the monster design was fantastic considering the medium you were using. I hope you enjoy my video on the game :)

Woooow, Loved the rusty feel of this game! A bit to labyrinthine for my tastes however overall it was a good experience. I Think having the monster teleport nearby on an infrequent occasion could help keep tension up.

Your game starts at 9:15

Hey, I played your game in an indie romp video. Good job on those jump scares. Hope to see more from you!

Your game starts at 2:55

played your game for an indie romp video. I hope you enjoy it

just played your game and totally remembered your other one ((he keeps me here)) this was good. Defs saw an improvement. Can't wait to upload my video!

Hey, I played your game for an easter video. Hope you enjoy. I liked the humor you had going in the writing. Have any newer versions on the way?