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I've never completed a rage game before. This was the first time i bothered to attempt it so thanks for at least making the in between of my screams entertaining enough for me to push onward XD

Man this was adorable! I should have played the practice first but it's pretty simple to get the hang of if you're paying attention. Nice little platformer with a cute design. I was a little annoyed that I couldn't fill the recipe out of order though I suppose that just adds to the challenge.  I managed to end up having my marshmallow enter the void at the end. a small bug you may want to check XD

Your game is the first one I played. I hope you enjoy the other ones too :)

I played your game for an indie romp and gotta say that I just loved the concept. rouge like deck building dungeon crawler was not a genre I thought I needed! I can't wait for the finished game. Not sure if I just suck or if the game is very challenging but I've yet to get to the end

Your game starts at 11:24

I threw your game into one of my indie romps, drew the sacrifice and for love and it said I was guarded so I asked my girlfriend about it. Here I thought I was doing alright XD

Your game starts at 6:20

I'm glad I could help in someway! I can't wait to give your future projects a try ^_^

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Yours was the first game I played for my indie romp. 

gotta say I loved the ghosts kinda just showing up in the paintings. I feel if there had been more of that build up through the game, perhaps triggered by note progression. It's creep factor could have gone from a 6/10 to a 8 or 9/10. Keep up the good work Matthieu!! 

Played your game for an indie romp. There were a few bugs I came across. ((that I included in the video for your review)) where my controls locked after picking up the flashlight, and then following a reboot I died after picking up the flashlight. Level design was great though! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Yours starts at 16:32

Played your game in one of my Indie Romps. Nice and simple. Loved the idea behind it and the jumpscares XD. I mentioned some additions in the video that I feel would have made the experience greater but still a good game!

Your game start at 14:15
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This was a rather interesting premise but i felt you could have done a lot more with it perhaps adding a few little scares if you render it wrong before he get's you. The foot steps in the background was a nice audio touch! All in all it wasn't a bad game and I enjoyed it.

Your game starts at 6:55

Loved the atmosphere this game produces! so much so that I went out and bought the full one. 

I failed to appease the white lady this time but i will in the full release!

I brute forced the code at the end XD but it was still a fun experience.  I really can't wait for your next project!

same thing happened to me XD

So Googles suggested stories told me about this game. I think you can expect a surge of players soon! Good luck. I can't wait to give this a play

This game was a nice little puzzle game. The music was relaxing and even though I seem frustrated at times I really enjoyed the style and game :) I honestly can't wait for more. If you are reading this and want a pleasant experience to unwind from the day. Then give this a play.

p.s i complained about reading the notes but figured out how later in the game. Couldn't include the clip because of time restraints but just wanted to say that XD

My manhood was taken. Chungus has ruined me XP

ooh, I'll have to give it a replay on my own so I can see those! My alchemy skill amaze even me ;). But I'm really glad you enjoyed it and honored that you subbed. I can't wait to see what else you all make!

Loved the game. Atmosphere was great and you got my most girly scream. My manhood is ruined!

Much spook, very scare

Your game start at 12:07

I tried to keep the meme alive, but I was only a fool who didn't understand

your starts at 10:15

I'm glad you enjoyed it! for a test game it was great ^_^ I hope you make other game soon!

One of my lovely lords asked me to play this and I couldn't be happier that they did! This was great. I hope you enjoy my attempt at voices XD

Hiya, So I gave your game a play. Found the mechanic with seeing through the monsters eye's really interesting however I didn't get to really utilize it. I think my game bugged out because when I died it wouldn't let me progress anymore :'( 

Your game starts at 7:05. Keep up the work! I hope I can play your future stuff

So I was pleasantly surprised by this game and threw it into my Indie Romp, I hope you enjoy the video

Your game starts at 4:40

Played your game in a little Indie Romp and i loved the look of it. not sure if I actually won though haha. Can't wait to see what else you make!

I thought the same thing!!!

This was pretty fun, kinda low res for a p.c game but would be great in some multiplayer aspect! I look forward to the whole game!

can't wait to play it!!

So it's safe to say I didn't understand the madness, but I hope you enjoy my over reactions to the chaos

can't wait to see it! I'm no programmer but a life tip is you can never polish something to much!

I did it was fun to play :)

Simple little game, it was entertaining for sure. Hope you enjoy my video :)

your game starts at 7:39

This was a blast to play, and I beat it. Textures were excellently gross. Some camera and collision issues with being able to go through walls sometimes and other times not but all in all short and fun

Your game starts at 3:36

Hey, played your game for an indie romp. For a test demo on unreal the only bug I can point out is being killed through a wall XD. Hope to see you continue your work

Can't wait!!

OH MY GAWD! THIS GAME! It definitely caught me off guard. I won't spoil it but if you are reading this just play it. It's short and great.

Your game starts at 13:03

This was interesting though I'm certain i didn't get the full experience with a death straight away and then a pit. Really found the eye mechanic interesting.  Could you let me know if there was something I missed?

your game starts at 6:30

sent me through a loop with how realistic this all looked! Nice work

Any plans to make  longer/ more interactive game in this style because I would be so excited to see that

Now I'll never have to take LSD thank you for this trip XD Your game starts at 6:45

The puzzles were very simple which I understand were more of a secondary focus with the primary being design and hot damn this was beautiful!

Interesting and pretty little puzzle game, Though a little buggy, I got stuck on a platform and it wouldn't let me off and had to restart the game.

I look forward to your future works!
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This..... this was just..... gold. ABSOLUTE GOLD!

Your game starts at 16:20