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Played your game and now i'm a monster D:

I had no idea who this man was but I like point and click puzzle games and ended up having a lot of fun with this. I hope you make some more in the future :)

Your game starts at 2:44

The art here was so cute. Thanks for making this game.

This was a heckin jam and I loved every second of it. Solid controls, adorable sprites, bopping music. This was perfection

Finished with the best, your game starts at 12:58

Hey, I played your game in a video. Solid controls and fun to play. Keep it up :)

Your game starts at 9:35

Played (and beat ;) ) your game for a video. Hope you enjoy my suffering :)

your game starts at 5:08

Gave it my best but i was lost to the labyrinth. Really loved the design you were going for here and the lack of hand holding

You've got some good spooky vibes here. I went into more constructive detail in the video but I look forward to your future projects!

This was a good build up. Keep it up

I died. I thought he would love me. I was wrong

Put your game in an indie romp, I had a lot of fun with this. Spooks were good!
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for a 1 week cycle this had some good spooks

Got the secret ending on the first try because i'm amazing 

Your game starts at 8:42

I can't believe I missed the variations. I figured once i summoned a demon that'd be it.

Your game starts at 3:44

I was robbed! The tension was high and i was primed for fear but then, BUT THEN! well watch and find out

your game is the first video ((and I've got mostly good things to say))

Looking forward to the next build :D

Nice slow build. Spooky psychological horror.  10/10 garbage man skill

Your game starts at 19:53

Good start, I'd recommend avoiding needless back tracking though since that made things more of an annoyance then suspenseful. I hope you enjoy the video

Your game starts at 8:58

This was a lot of fun to go through! Keep it up, I hope I can play more of your stuff.

You got me with a game about poop. Should I be ashamed?

Heard there was an update coming, Heckin nice. I've got all the endings here until the update

Had a good experience with this one.

so glad to see this game is still getting so much traction after I played it so long ago :D. it's still one of my most viewed videos!

This was great. Short and sweet but eerie all the same! Hope you enjoy my video

Played your demo and I have a few things to point out. The pixelated filter was a bit strong and made it difficult to notice important details like the flashlight. ((This is more of a nitpick as i understand it's a design choice)). Invisible walls are jarring and should be avoided as they reduce suspense since you know something will be behind it later. I found a gun before the garage was mentioned and was able to trigger the hallway without going to the garage first. I understand this is a demo and i do look forward to your final release but my main recommendation is making sure to not overlook the small things like that as in a horror game inconsistency is the main way suspense dies. I'd also recommend "my friend david" not have to tell me he's my friend 😬. It was just a funny moment to me. Hope this helps!

Played the prototype and I'm looking forward to the final copy. My only bit of advice right now is make sure to not overlook the finer details of the game. Like having sensitivity control settings.

This was so much fun, I'm only sad that I couldn't explore more of the map because it was so hidden away!

So i played the initial release and had a lot of fun with your game. My only critique is the Hack and slash aspect felt a little repetitive after a time without having a final boss type monster to fight against.  

This was such a funny game. I loved just exhausting the dialogue options

It's been a long time since I've played a scary game and this got me. Great build up, fantastic game. I have one piece of constructive criticism however. During the part where you release the water pressure taking control away from the player removes the suspense thus losing the effectiveness. I'd simply recommend not forcing the players camera to aim places since it means that anything bad that happens at that point isn't the players fault and kind of loses it's weight.

Played this forever ago with a group of friends and we had a lot of fun!

Good spook, I named the cashier... it's nice they gave her a chair. Shame what happened

P.s I enjoyed the style of storytelling portrayed here. I look forward to your upgrade in a few years :P

I didn't want to have emotions today but here we are D:. Hope anyone who watches my video enjoys it

Now this was an experience D:

I was warned of cheeks, I wasn't warned of sausages and lack thereof

This was a great spook, I may not be the best hitman but you could say I'm a great baby sitter

I enjoyed this so much that when I made this video I went and played again just to see stuff I missed.  

your game starts at 12:08

The arrows at the end were a little confusing since they doubled up sometimes. Otherwise this was a good spook sir. 

Your game starts at 4:20