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Monster gets a 10/10 that being said I had a couple issues with the game which i mention at the end of the video.  This shows a lot of promise and I can't wait to see the finished product!

p.s just saw your comment on the video! thanks for watching! hope you enjoyed and noted that the cutscene was audio only :)

This..... this was just..... gold. ABSOLUTE GOLD!

Your game starts at 16:25

I found all the keys because i'm a good employee

nice game, I hope you enjoy the video. It's the first game in my indie Romp :)
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Hey I beat it! Supposedly this video is funny but it can show you what you need to get out!  Ending Cutscene Included!

Good game I liked it! Although there are some things I'd have changed that might make the game just a little scarier. I talk about it at the end of my video!

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I hope my thumbnail says it all. This creation is terrifying and I loved it!

Your  game  starts  at  11:40

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Gotta say I loved this demo! the subtle spooks were great and i can't wait for the whole game!

Your game starts at 10:10 P.s I want to be a witch

I'll keep my eye out for it!

Played through the demo and I loved it! atmosphere was great, though some of the scares felt campy, like when the monster T poses his way out of the bathroom ((10:20)) or when the neon lined monster scuttles towards you ((8:36)). I couldn't complete it. Went through the loop a few times but couldn't find the phone number. I'd suggest making important things like papers stand out more when you've got papers littering some of the rooms. 

All in all I look forward to the main game!

I think this is one of your most difficult ones! Loved it though the changing castle on death made it kinda annoying on replays ((I died a lot XD))

It took me going through my footage for 5 more minutes to even find that! HOLY GIBLITS! GREAT GAME

 Do you have a date in mind for the  full release?

Nice little puzzle game, 

though I solved the code without finding all the numbers haha

I'd suggest putting in some kind of thing to stop a player from doing that but it doesn't really take away. I look forward to the whole game!

have you heard of "alt f4" ? it's a good way to force quit any aplication

Looking forward to my evaluation. This was a good little surreal play.

Your game starts at 15:30, and i've filled out the form and sent it in!

I got the murdered and then I didn't get the murdered. Nice little spooky game, I think the ending frame should stay a little longer instead of just immediately refreshing the game. almost didn't realize I'd beaten it haha

Your game starts at 12:15

Played your game for a halloween indie romp, but it turned out to be too cute XD

Your game starts at 6:30

my pig died and I've been scarred for life, at least my tomatoes are ok

I am a good person and did not kill humpty.... or did I..... OR DIDN'T I!?!?

I really liked this! keep up the good work!

Great job on this I can't wait for the full game. Also conspiracy theory is my son is actually my clone

Hey, Gave your game a try in my indie romp. loved the art and thought the concept was interesting. There's potential for sure and i hope you expand on it more!

It starts at 15:30
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I found your game and got addicted, played it a bunch more after making this video. Your game starts at 6:20

This game was pretty Adorbs! Nice little chicken sims XD

The first 6 seconds of this video tells you how much I liked this game!

I can't wait! I'm checking regularly! 

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I actually liked the slow pacing and little creepy effects. This was a nice.... well it wasn't "nice" haha, Good game, I hope to play your future stuff! start time is 3:20

Your game starts at 9:33, saved the scariest for last! Can't wait to play the full game! So happy to see you devs are still working on it after all this time!

Hey, I liked your game. I only wish it was a little longer because I wanted to play it more! Can't wait to see your future stuff!

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Man this was a trip! thanks for making this game and bringing around more attention to mental health issues!

I look forward to your future stuff

Nice work on the PT style game. The build up was really good though I think I screwed up at the end DX

Your game starts at 8:35

Once I actually read the instructions this was a pretty good play haha. Good mechanics. though I think my game bugged out.

I tried to beat it but I got to a point where I'd searched everything and nothing else was showing up. Could you tell me if I'm just blind XD.

keep up the great work! This was a fantastic play!

Your games just seem to show up all the time. thanks for making good plays!

Don't watch this, It's imperfect!!

by the way i loved playing this! it was great!!!


The look of this was AMAZING! Top quality work man!

Oh look it continues!

Your game start at the 5 minute mark :). Nice little story, though there was so much tomato clicking I almost didn't know how story there was XD. I look forward to your other project though!

Good little physics game, your's start around 1:10. Coffee Chris was a great man :')

Hey I played your game. Loved the art style but gameplay was a little janky. After hitting terminal velocity I got launched out of the map haha. Keep up the work though, I hope I can play your next game too!

ACK! when will this be done. The SUSPENSEESSS. This was a really good play!