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The look of this was AMAZING! Top quality work man!

Oh look it continues!

Your game start at the 5 minute mark :). Nice little story, though there was so much tomato clicking I almost didn't know how story there was XD. I look forward to your other project though!

Good little physics game, your's start around 1:10. Coffee Chris was a great man :')

Hey I played your game. Loved the art style but gameplay was a little janky. After hitting terminal velocity I got launched out of the map haha. Keep up the work though, I hope I can play your next game too!

ACK! when will this be done. The SUSPENSEESSS. This was a really good play!

Love the art in this. I felt there was a lot of backtracking to be had which tended to take me out but otherwise the puzzles were pretty well implemented.

It's simple yet interesting, and a great way to just relax with a good puzzle game. It's not a very long game but I feel that helps it so that it doesn't become repetitive. I'd love to see the light mechanic used in future projects because I can see it adding a good amount of depth in other types of game play.

Man this was really subtle, I loved it!

20/10 video, keep  it up duude!

do you have any plans to make other games? :D

Im glad too see this game gaining some attention! Good luck devs!!

I feel like there isn't actually a way to win this XD. all in all it was pretty fun

You got a lot done for your game, i was really impressed. I murdered a lot of children in this by the way

this was a really nifty game, i enjoyed it. Though some parts it wasn't to clear what was actually in the foreground. ((your's starts at 9:35))

This was a really good play. Touches some interesting topics! I hope i can play some of your other works some day!

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This game was a trip haha, I look forward to playing your other work :)

I really got some "little nightmares" vibes from this. Great little game, I can't wait to see what else you make. I hope it's a little longer next time :) 

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Chicken quest starts at the 6:45 mark. Your girls did a great job on this by the way. Really well done considering.

for part 2 it's Best Boy Touma's story!!!!

I'm glad i was able too, Fell in love with your art!

Your game was pretty cute! Thanks for making it :)
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Can't wait to play your future projects.

Gotta admit, Marge's design is terrifying XD

whats your channel? I look forward to seeing it :)

it looks like there's a donation option when downloading, though if money is tight You could share the game on your social media. I'm a tiny youtuber but i made a video with it to help in the ways that i can.

The bad lady touched me! Good job on the game though! I look forward to playing your other stuff

I can't wait :D

Just played this. Super great, though HOT DAMN THAT WAS UNEXPECTED!

I originally found this on game jolt so i thought. Just wanted to say i loved the message this game portrays. As someone who's lost a lot of people recently I really connected to this. Even if i don't say it in the video 

The opening was really well put together so there's definitely potential. though it peters out once you leave that area. Keep up the good work and good luck!

I originally found it on game jolt but here's my gameplay video :) though i think tunky's view range could be increased abit. pretty easy to avoid him 

because i found it on gamejolt i thought i'd throw it up here. If you think about playing this do it. It's got a lot of thought put into it and i fell in love right away.

I liked the demo, the mechanics were really interesting but i especially loved the uniqueness of the boss. it was very well thought out and i look forward to the full game. I put the game play into one of my videos. starts at 6:30 

Gonna be honest. I was heart broken that i couldn't put my meat in her mouth. I wasn't a good date.

Just downloaded. Looking forward to playing it :)

Just downloaded, can't wait to play it :)

I too did the arthurs nightmare!

my death was not so swift 

No problem, here's the second part!