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Man I loved this mechanic. One of my Lovely lords suggested this game to me and now I can't wait for the finished product. I do Hope you are still working on it.

one thing to note, Whenever the "spirit" thing was on screen I had some recording lag, Just something that may need some optimization

Played your game for an indie romp and I had a blast, this was hilarious

Your game starts at 12:20

played your game in an indie romp, Looks like you've got potential so keep it up

your game starts at 7:00

This was pretty entertaining so i threw it into an indie romp hope you enjoy :)

One of my viewers asked me to play your game and so far I'm pleasently surprised by it!

sorry if i seemed to harsh there. I'm happy to hear you plan to work with this more. 

Man I loved Uncle Howards design. Very jack skellinton. Game has a good creepy atmosphere.

It's pretty rare to hear voice acting in these indie games but I want to say good work on that. Sound is always important and your audio was nice and crisp. The monster needs a bit of refinement in it's animation though. Otherwise I'm 100% looking forward to episode 2.

Your game starts at 5:53

Props dev. You have basic game structure down like this was actually satisfying to play and complete. swapping between forms added some depth that I think opens up a lot of opportunity for this style. I hope next time your game has a bit more tension though with something to actually avoid or worry about!

So yours was the final game in my Indie Romp Video. I liked the idea of having to be careful of traps however the way it was implemented I feel needs to be improved on. From what I could see a lot of the traps gave you no way to really tell that something was going to be there and obviously you aren't supposed to know there is a trap but in terms of this it ends up just making it frustrating.

Lastly the fact that if you stand still for more than 30 seconds triggers a reset.... no just no.

Your game starts at 11:40

At the moment it plays fine however when using OBS to record the video out put became very laggy. 

Liked the change in walk cycles. character movement was very well animated and I look forward to what you turn this into. I'd love to Play the finished version or even a demo on my youtube :)

It was the caffeine in my system I assure you XD. And thanks for making the game. I hope I can play your future projects soon too :)

As a fan of black mirror this was a surreal play and I enjoyed playing it. You've def got a follow out of me

Yours is the second game I played at the 7 min mark

I played your game for one of my video

I hope you enjoy it :)

For a one person game you did amazing. I really liked the FOV as I feel player camera is an under utilized feature in terms of adding atmosphere.

Yours is the first game I played

So I played your game in an Indie romp and I just gotta say I can't wait for the finished product. I think this has a lot of potential!

Your game starts at 5:55

Man this was a blast. You got me for one of the scares but it was pretty hilarious XD. Keep up the good work

Your game starts at 10 mins

Usually when a scary game gives me a gun i'm much less afraid but this one is gross enough that the effect remained the same. I was on edge so props to you dev!

HEY! played your game before. Wanted to say congrats on hitting the front page of!!!

This was an interesting play. The design was nice and honestly the build up was good for such a weird and spooky pay off. so thank you for making this!

Your game starts at 8:25 ((this is a repost because I'm a fool and deleted the last one, forgive me :( ))

I played your game in a combo video I did. This was really fun to play!

your game starts at 11:04

So this was an interesting take of a game. I wish there had been a couple more options on how it went though. Like maybe some secrets to find and such. A litlle more substance, all in all though it wasn't bad. Hope you guys make more.

I played your game in a combo video I did. I'm not sure if I encountered a bug as I couldn't exactly interact with anything in my playthrough. Visuals were very good though. Defs a spooky atmosphere

Your game starts at 8:17

This was a surreal trip for sure. Expert use of sound

Really interesting game here.  Visuals were nice and very good use of description ((crucial in a text based game so good on you)) 

This was fantastic to play. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was definitely satisfied!

YES! I can't wait :)

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Played your game in an indie romp. Cried when Simon says did the murder haha but that clown is fantastically designed. Some of the jump scares were a little hammy but in a good way :P I really loved the interactivity of the game. Being able to play simon says or smash about on the piano. I live for those little things in games

I hope I can play more of your stuff in the future!  Your game starts at 12:20

I think I gave your game a fair try. Love the idea of it however I had an issue with my mouse not locking to the game. If it's just a problem with my p.c I'll try the game again because I think it's got a crazy amount of potential. It was just to frustrating with that issue otherwise.

Your game starts at 5:20 I can't wait to see what else you make

Hello from canada. Wanted to say I tried your game. Sorry I couldn't give it a good run but I managed to die haha. Here's my video on it.

I played your game in an Indie Romp. First I'd like to say good job on putting this together in 12 hours. Nice setting playing as a smoll child is a theme I don't see often enough in these games. Not sure if I just chose the right path or not but I feel this could be improved greatly if the "entity" was actually hostile though as it mostly seemed to ignore me. let me know if I'm wrong though!

Your game starts at 8:40 hope you enjoy

Played your game in an indie romp. 10/10 for atmosphere. Wasn't even stabbed but I sure thought I would have been!

Your game starts at 3:30

Interesting idea, though at it's core it's really more of a walking simulator. Alright in it's own right and I totally approve of the message of the game. Just wished it had a bit more "game" to it.

hope you enjoy the video, and I look forward to your future projects
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Yours was the first game I played for my indie romp. 

gotta say I loved the ghosts kinda just showing up in the paintings. I feel if there had been more of that build up through the game, perhaps triggered by note progression. It's creep factor could have gone from a 6/10 to a 8 or 9/10. Keep up the good work Matthieu!! 

Played your game for an indie romp! Gotta say this was nifty and gross in a good way. I played more of it just casually after I was done recording :) Hope to see you make more in the future 

Your game starts at 6:23!

I played your game in an indie romp. perfect level fro the draw distance. not sure if i was on an old version or just avoided all of the bear traps haha. Mr twigs is effective but i feel too frequent. With how much field there is you could likely lower his warping rate to retain his fear levels. maybe add an option to steal his hat ((because i really wanted it is my only excuse)) and doing so makes him much more aggressive. like he'll warp right in your face perhaps. A small variety to how he appears would be cool also. for example, maybe you only see his hat at one point drawing you to it setting up the scare.

Your game starts at 11:12

Played your game in my indie romp video. I had some good fun with it! can't wait to see your future work

Man, I loved that monster design. 10 outta 10.

yours was the first game I played

Threw your game into an indie romp. Hope you enjoy

your game starts at 5:25

I feel there's a lot of opportunity in this game. Was I correct in thinking that a main mechanic would be physically moving things with the player? if so I think friction on objects should be reduced a touch. A tip on creating good scares would be restricting camera view a bit. Otherwise this seems like a good basis!

Your game starts at 12:50