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I enjoyed this so much that when I made this video I went and played again just to see stuff I missed.  

your game starts at 12:08

The arrows at the end were a little confusing since they doubled up sometimes. Otherwise this was a good spook sir. 

Your game starts at 4:20

He got me, I couldn't escape.

This was a fun puzzle platformer, I really enjoyed myself

seriously can't wait to play episode 2 of this. You've got my curiosity peaked!

This was really good, Your work is really promising and I look forward to more

Sounds like I'll have to play the new version then!

This might be an older version of the game but here's my video on it. My main critiqe is to make important items stand out a bit more.Other than that polish. cleaning up notes and such

pleasure to see another one of your games my dude!

So I played the demo in this video and it's honestly sold me on getting the whole game. The appearance is so unique and it implements mechanics well. If you are reading this then I recommend you give it a go

Looking forward to part 2 of this adventure!

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good game

was I eaten? Or did I just have bad gas, oh your game start at 10:51. Hope you enjoy

Was I eaten? Did I eat them? I'm honestly not to sure but here we are

hope you enjoy, your game starts at 3:17

I had a lot of fun figuring out how this worked. The ritual was completed and my booty cleansed

So many secrets!!! This was a good play

Threw your game into an indie romp video. It starts at 16:17 hope you enjoy! It was a real trip haha

Love the folklore feel of this. Your game starts at 4:53

hope you enjoy the video of your game I made. Definitely a fun scare.

Aah, the glory of Dema studios. I've missed you. I do hope you enjoy this video

I may be over a year late but here it is. Your game was a blast to play and solving the puzzles was a lot of fun

You've got a good ground work for some effective horror but not quite at the mark. I go over a lot of suggestions in my video but the one i think will help the most is to subvert expectations. After the first jump scare it's fairly predictable when the next ones will be. 

My long lost twin. However which of us is the evil one?

I've been summoned

one of my lords asked me to play your game, I was not disappointed. Hope you enjoy the video :)

who the heck is this anna girl spamming this game?

not sure if i saved the world or got pulled into the curse. but here's my take 

If you ever need silly voice acting I'm your man :D

Aaah this fills me with the happy feelings! Looking forward to it

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I'm pretty fantastic so at least one of us would have a good time

since I think you're special and you liked it so much here is my twitter and my instagram

Which I never promote. Look at you, taking the initiative though and responding *tiny applause*

I had a lot of fun with this. babies will always be creepy XD

It's my own fault I didn't read the signs. Now i'm stuck in a musical forever

this was a great spooky experience. Loved the SCP facility vibes. 

I saw in your update you've been tweaking brightness. I'd suggest having an over all options for the player in future games since everyone's hardware is different.

I couldn't win. He took me, he made me realize actual fear. This is the best siren head I've played yet!

Your game starts at 9:36
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Not sure of it was a bug or I just managed to avoid Literally everything but I never got any prompts after finding the camp and just kept dying to a siren head who randomly triggered. 

Your game starts at 2:36

I should have never trusted Kate. She was in kahoots the whole time!

I require more history of the chicken man. Does he just want the nuggies?

Months down the road and I'm still in love at EP 3!