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this was great. the aesthetic was so good in that spooky way. This is the mood that i feel siren head should create. Hope you enjoy the video. 

Your game starts at 3:12

how you presented the siren head was really effective.  your game starts at 6:16

However the over it took me forever to find the remote because i couldn't see it and there wasn't really a indicator that it was there

as seems to be the general consensus. the game is too dark, the sounds are good but since you can't see what's happening most of the impact is lost 


unfortunately the game won't boot

[create process() returned 2] is the message i receive 

I want to thank you again so much for the key to the game. Been having a blast with this! Hope you look forward to seeing the chapter 2 videos! 

Oh look, episode 2!!

I've never seen such a pure work of art. majestic. The deeper mystries unfold as the world around you tumbles past. 

Your game starts at 9:47

I was the doge, i did the bork. I nomed the things. Was good day

Your game starts at 8:27

This was pretty entertaining. threw it into a video. Hope you enjoy 

Your game start at 6:04!

I earned my freedom and also grew ten feet tall!

Your game starts at 3:30

Well I did the chores  and then i fell out of the world however all in all it was a satisfying experience 

Yours is the first game!

This was the kinda joy i needed in my life right now and I can't wait to play more. One of my lords asked me to play it for my channel so here's episode 1 

So I put your game into an indie romp I made. Your game starts at 8:46

I feel the effect would have been better if you'd paced out the visuals more instead of using the same 3 spooky parts over and over. 

in regards to the diary, even including a button to read the diary (whether it is the players only option or not) adds some immersion rather than just having it auto read. The character over all was good and unsettling however when they speak as if you've smacked your face into the keyboard it just comes off as silly. 

I do hope i'm not coming off as harsh since it's not my intention. I want to see how far you get making these games :)

You got me. You really got me. My life is complete now.

Your game starts at 4:46

Played your game in an indie romp video. Hope you enjoy. Spookiness was good

Played your game in an indie romp i made. Hope you enjoy.

Your game starts at 5:22

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Threw your demo into an indie romp I made. Liking the look of it. Can't wait to summon a friend haha.

Your game starts at 11:33

P.s I just noticed it was you wonderful people who made "the shape on the ground" it's been such a long time, I wonder if my results have changed :P

I feel robbed. I was so looking forward to the big reveal. Now i have no choice but to wait for the full release! Can't wait my dude

Your game starts at 8:02

This idea is amazing and i can see it going far! Can't wait to see how you build on it and hope you enjoy the video. ((I lay down some ideas of my own. feel free to use them!))

Yours is the first game
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There was so much to find! Tried to play through a second time and found some things here and there but the house was lost.

I don't know if that was intentional but it definitely added to the experience. I did however manage to bug the game by reaching the edge of the woods.

So i threw your game into a video. Hope my reactions are entertaining. Loved this

Your game starts at 7:43

Whats this whats this. Played your game on the channel. Hope you enjoy the video :D

I hope my thumbnail says it all. This creation is terrifying and I loved it!

Your  game  starts  at  11:40

Put your game in an indie romp. Also managed to stumble my way to freedom. how about that :P hope you enjoy the video

Your game starts at the 11 minute mark!

Played your game in an Indie Romp video I made. Hope you enjoy it. Definitely found this entertaining

Your game starts at 6:27

Played your game in an indie romp. Named the ghost petunia. Did not expect such a powerful meaning behind petunia's death! 

In these tough times thanks fro spreading some more awareness

As a first game not bad, My only real critique is the controls locking but as it's your first game it was a good play hope you enjoy the video

Oh look I played the sequel! This was a huge improvement man! I can't wait to see what more you make. I want to be immersed in your creations!

This game starts at 5:44
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saw your interview with my buddy "the fringe" so i had to give it a go. I was not dissapointed.

I didn't think it was broken. Definitely fun and challenging. Looking forward to playing it again :)

Played your game, got tickled by a door and then accidentally broke the game. Do so hope you enjoy this adventure you gave me

Your game starts at 12:46

Played your game in an indie romp. As I have survived the covid so far I made a video for it

Your game starts at 6:36

nice concept with some of the puzzles. Honestly wished there was a bit more to it :D Hope  you enjoy the video

good ending on the first try :D nice to see options for a character that makes sense haha

hope you enjoy the video!
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This fills me with the great joy! I can't wait to see my Enrique again 


Played this because i thought  it was a sock puppet. It wasn't a sock puppet but i was still satisfied. Please make more of this because i'm looking forward to a sequel XD 

Your game starts at 11:30

Put your game in a little indie romp video. I also had difficulty killing the police but my cult got pretty vibing

Your game starts at 7:07
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The look of this was great. Wish there was a bit more in it so I could have an idea of what coming in the future 

Your game starts at 4:24

The ghosts in this place forgot to pay me but I suppose leaving with my soul is payment enough