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I'm looking for game testers! Over the last couple of days I've polished up a space shoot-em-up that I started working on almost a year ago. The only way to set a good difficulty curve for this kind of game is to have it play tested, so I'd really appreciate it if a few people would play it and answer some questions.

I can't pay anyone, but I can promise to play test your game in return!


the game is an okay. the only thing you need is powerup : triple shoot, invincibility, machine gun, or something you can imagine it

oh and it needs audio too

I like that the movement is the primary obstacle, as that is a bit different.  Although the fact you can't move diagonally seems a step too far maybe (Not sure if that is an intentional design decision?)
It would benefit from a lot more feedback across the board, I think feedback would be useful when you fire, when a bullet hits, when you move/accelerate, when you crash into an asteroid, when you get close the part of the sun that kills you, when you get close to an enemy and when you are destroyed.  There are load of options for feedback like that, so some kind of new animation, an explosion sprite, some particle effects, the sprite flashing, a slight change in movement, a brief slo-mo or some good old-fashioned screenshake.