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:) I'm glad you like it

So now, two weeks later, I've come to realize that what I thought was crazy fast is actually just the proper speed of Pac Man.  I had been lulled from playing the original slow release a lot.  That slow version is still cool.  You should drop the word "fast" and rename the final version simply One Bit Pac Man and also keep the slow one available but call it Zen Mode. ;)

Hey! thanks for keep playing the game and comment! Yes, maybe I should rename the binaries to avoid confussion. Zen Pacman... Hmmm... it likes me! :)

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So after playing this daily, there is one thing on my wishlist: Could the menu screen display the score of the last game played? (last score and high score could go together perhaps).  There is not time to see your score when it's Game Over, and I'm always left wondering how close I came to my high every time. 

Adding this small but important feature would also give you an opportunity to rename the binaries to 1-Bit Pac Man and Zen 1-Bit Pac Man  :)

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Thank you for the last score idea, I've uploaded a new version of fast an ZEN pacman with it. Thanks you a lot! 

And there was much rejoicing!