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A rollerball game based on spatial fractals (Menger's sponges and Kochs's snowflakes as far as I could identify, maybe there're also Mandelbrot and Julia sets and more) is a rather innovative and whimsical design notwithstanding it's too performance-consuming (my GTX 940M is fully engaged under the lowest resolution to just sustain a somewhat reasonable frame rate).In my opinion, maybe it's not necessary to keep such a high resolution and iteration in order to unleash the graphical burden.

Also, a RESTART button is urgently needed due to its easy besiegement. It's annoying to exit to the main menu and re-enter the level due to the complicated transition procedure. Additionally, re-entering levels should allow players access the recently UNQUALIFIED ones while it currently keeps (actually should NOT be) the last QUALIFIED ones replayable which makes players had to re-qualify those levels again.

Finally, I guess that the marble in the gameplay is driven by a horizontal stable physical drag (it's confirmed after I checked the code). Perhaps using torque instead of drag will make rolling controls much easier and smoother(however it may disable air movements so a combination of both worths considering).

Generally, it's really a fantastic try though there're still some aspects to be improved.

Thanks for the feedback!

  • The graphical requirements are high, but it really is necessary for this type of game.  I've optimized as much as I can already.
  • You can restart instantly by pressing 'R' or right-clicking (it is listed in the controls).
  • I do actually use a combination of torque  and drag already, you have tighter controls when on the ground and looser control in the air.  The problem is that fractals are really bumpy so you often find yourself in the air more than you'd like.

I would still like it if from the Levels selector you could enter the level unlocked+1. So the first uncompleted level. It maybe should also continue increasing the levels from there. Or have a button on the countdown that switches to increasing levels mode.