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A rollerball game based on spatial fractals (Menger's sponges and Kochs's snowflakes as far as I could identify, maybe there're also Mandelbrot and Julia sets and more) is a rather innovative and whimsical design notwithstanding it's too performance-consuming (my GTX 940M is fully engaged under the lowest resolution to just sustain a somewhat reasonable frame rate).In my opinion, maybe it's not necessary to keep such a high resolution and iteration in order to unleash the graphical burden.

Also, a RESTART button is urgently needed due to its easy besiegement. It's annoying to exit to the main menu and re-enter the level due to the complicated transition procedure. Additionally, re-entering levels should allow players access the recently UNQUALIFIED ones while it currently keeps (actually should NOT be) the last QUALIFIED ones replayable which makes players had to re-qualify those levels again.

Finally, I guess that the marble in the gameplay is driven by a horizontal stable physical drag (it's confirmed after I checked the code). Perhaps using torque instead of drag will make rolling controls much easier and smoother(however it may disable air movements so a combination of both worths considering).

Generally, it's really a fantastic try though there're still some aspects to be improved.