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Hello there, I recently played through Nonsense at Nightfall and I’d like to share some of my thoughts on it. Normally when I write these mini reviews, I tend to list the things I like, things I didn’t like and any bugs I may have found…but that’s going to be tough this time because 1) There’s nothing I didn’t like and 2) There were no bugs. So, I guess this will be me just praising the game then.

I’ve been playing indie games off for a long time now. After a while you begin to see a lot of repeat patterns, similar games, similar styles, and similar jokes, but this game impressed me. I found myself having a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoying it. First, the retro styling is very welcoming and looks excellent. I liked that the player has the option of switching up the colours in the menu as well as the ability to increase the screen size while maintaining image quality. The story, while being weird and absolutely bizarre, is one of intrigue for me, I was constantly trying to guess what absurd thing was going to occur next and loved every minute of it. Not to mention the abundance of references scattered about, I’m fairly certain I could only pinpoint a small portion of them, so I can’t even say how many are included.

I thought the puzzles in the game were of a decent difficulty, I know this might be a point of contention for some people, but the game does a good job of delivering the player the necessary clues to solve the puzzles, it’s up to the player to look around the environment for these clues.

At the end of the day, I got more enjoyment out of this 30-minute experience than I have with a lot of full priced games, it’s charming, it’s funny, and most importantly it’s highly enjoyable. I offer up my full support and encouragement for any future projects you have in the works, and I really look forward to seeing what else you can do as a game developer!

Also, I hope you don’t mind but I made a let’s play of my time with the game over on my channel (linked above).

Cheers and best wishes,



Thank you so much for playing, making a video and writing this super nice mini review!

It means a lot you enjoyed it so much that you don't have anything negative to say about it! I playtested it a million times to ensure there are no bugs and I'm glad to hear no one found any (yet).

I'm so happy you liked the game so much, even compared to so many others on and even AAA games! :O
I'm thinking about making a devlog on here to list all the references as there sure are quite a few ;)

Thanks again for the nice words and support! I really enjoyed watching you play, you have a great voice and the commentary was hilarious!

Best regards,

The developer


You're quite welcome, thank you for making such an awesome game worthy of the praise!

Also, thanks for checking out the video, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


You're so welcome too! I even shared your mini review in an Instagram story cause it was so nice!