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So, to start out, the music is amazing and the art is gorgeous, if not a little confusingly inconsistent between characters (realistic vs cartoon in the same scene) and the concepts behind the gameplay are pretty interesting and well thought out. Being able to effect changes between someones timeline based on their interactions is pretty damn cool. However, the story itself felt a little off, as the father seemed a little too aloof to make him a character I really empathized with, and the gameplay on a moment to moment basis is really tedious. The interactions are awesome, but having to jump into and out of interactions while moving around the environment was just slow, especially in scenarios with several outcomes. Overall, I think if the player interaction could be streamlined a bit for the sake of gameplay pacing, it'd be an improvement, but it's still a damn interesting game!


We are glad to hear that you like this demo. We are still trying to polish it before it is officially launched. It means a lot for us to get feedback from the community, thanks a lot for your comment.