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Cheers! We are all not native English speakers but we will try our best to polish its English translation.

Haha, thanks for your kind words.

Cheers! <3 We are still working hard on the full version. 

Thanks for playing our game, I'm glad to hear you enjoy it.

Haha, thanks for playing.

Thanks for your kind words. We are still working hard on it. :D

Wow, thanks for the video and glad to know you like it. <3

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Dreams use so many bits and pieces of our memory, but not in a logical, linear way.
- psychologist Rosalind Cartwright

SELF is a Kafkaesque suspense text-based adventure game with simulation and puzzle mechanics.

My father vanishes, but only I know it.
Nobody else notices that, including my mother, even after I mentioned my father to them directly.
I have to embark on a journey to find him back, all alone.

In this game, boundaries between dream, reality, memory, and truth are all diffuse.
You will meet many puzzles and challenges in it.
You need to make choices, which lead you to very different endings.
You will piece the clues and leads you collected together to a complete story.
But could you seize the opportunity to find your SELF in this introspective journey?

  • The whole story happens in an interactive retro screen;
  • Bullet hell mini-games inspired by Undertale and Just Shapes & Beats;
  • Unique interpretation with impressive pixel style line drawings and contagious emotional experience;
  • Fragment narration with multi-endings;

Many thanks for your kind words. We really appreciate it a lot and glad to know you enjoyed our game.


Hi all, our new game Clocker comes out this Friday, it is a puzzle game about time and love, where you can use a mysterious pocket watch to alter the timelines of NPCs in the game world and help a father reunite with his daughter.

To get a feeling for the gameplay and atmosphere, please check out the trailer on YouTube:

You can get more information about it in our Press Kit:

Hope you all enjoy it!

Here is an issue tracker if you meet any bug or have any feedback:

The demo on steam has been released.

Hi,  the demo version on steam is not public yet, we plan to release it in this week.

Please, let us know if you get this issue solved? We've tested the app file again, it should be workable. Could you check the permission? Or it may be related to the digital signature.

Cannot image that you create such a detailed game about game development with love2d! Is there any press kit of your game? Can I have your email?

Thanks for the feedback, we will get back to you soon after we check the issue.

Thanks for your playing! Like your video very much.

We are glad to hear that you like this demo. We are still trying to polish it before it is officially launched. It means a lot for us to get feedback from the community, thanks a lot for your comment.

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Hello guys, welcome to check our new game Clocker.

Itch page:

Clocker is a puzzle game about father-daughter relationship. It has special time mechanisms, aesthetic hand-drawn sketching style, thought-provoking puzzles as well as a misted sweet plot. The plot extends in a narrative way with dual protagonists: Father John and Daughter Alice. Control those two individual characters separately, you will gradually solve puzzles, push forward the timeline and experience the plot.

*Clocker is not officially released yet. To get a feeling for the game-play and atmosphere to try our latest demo and leave your comments here.  The demo only includes the first chapter of whole the game, if you like it, don't forget to add it to your wish-list on our steam page and we will release the full version of it in 2019 Q1 on and steam.*

  • Dual protagonists narration. Control Father and Daughter separately to experience the complete plot in different angles.
  • Time pause! Father is endowed with a power to move forward and backward of the timelines of other characters by the mysterious pocket watch.
  • Where's the Father? Daughter's power can resume the twisted timelines. Trace the clues and help her find her Father.
  • Large and complex logical framework! Each NPC has his logical framework. Every single change of the time will influence the outcome of the whole plot.
  • Unique and delicate artistic style. The combination of 2D and 3D techniques allows players to see lifelike images.