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great but i think its too expensive maybe sink it down to 10$ instead of 20

For those who have unvote this comment: please don't. Don't forget that 20$ is not the same everywhere and it can be a lot for people living in some countries (or simply for people who don't have a lot of money).

@VesuEms: I will make all my asset packs for -50% in a few months. Not sure when exactly yet but I'm planning to. So keep an eye on my Twitter if you still want to buy it :3


Hi, may I ask when will the discount start? Really love your work, may be the best I've seen so far.


Hey :) I'm planning to get back on asset packs soon (like, in a months or two), so when I'll release a new one, I'll make the discount for the previous ones! So stay tuned (I'll announce all of that on my Twitter) :)

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