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Thanks a lot!

I'm planning to make some tutorials soon :) I'll keep everyone updated on my twitter!

Hey :D

You can contact me at ! I have no problem with indie devs making small games with this asset pack but I always prefer to have a small talk about that first :)

hey! That's strange, contact me on Twitter or per mail & let's see the problem!

hey that's an interesting thing! I think I'll think about that for the next ones :)

Yeah I totally understand it can sound weird! 

About studios using my assets with no asking or else, it already happens to me (not just one time) so that's also why I'm kind of watchful about that. There is a lot of awesome people in the video game scene (indie or not) but yeah, like everywhere else, some people are not awesome at all..

So that's why I just want to discuss with people now, and same for you! Do not hesitate to tell me if you have request/ideas for another asset pack or else! I'm truely always looking for feedbacks & just dialog in general :)

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Hey,  lemme try to explain you my situation :

I'm currently living as a freelance pixel artist. That's thanks to that work I can pay my bills, eat food, etc. 

I make this asset pack for people who can't afford my freelance rates, that's why it is that cheap (if it were freelance work, it would be around 1000-2000$). But if studios or people who can afford my rates use it to make commercial project... Well that's not really cool for me.

So that's why I ask people to contact me first if they want to use it for commercial use : I'm 100% ok with indie people & beginners using it to try to make game & money, etc. But yeah I first want to discuss with them and be sure we're cool about that.

I just don't want to quit this job because of not cool people who don't want to pay artists the right prices if they can. Hope you understand.

So do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested by using it for a commercial use, as I said I just want to discuss first.