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No this is only an environment asset pack! The idle animation is in the pack just for fun :)

I really want to take time to make a full animation set later but for now I'm already on other projects! 

Hey! Thanks a lot :)

Unfortunatly, I'm totally unvailable for now to do commissions. A lot of people ask me for extra-content and that's not possible for me right now.

Still, I'm of course totally ok to let other artists work on extra-content, so if you want to commissions other pixel artists, that's of course ok for me!

I've even made a list of pixel artists I recommand (since I personnaly know them and have already worked with them) :

Also here is a website very useful to find pixel artists:

Hope it'll help you :D Good luck for your project!

Thanks for the purchase! For the framerate there is no "recommanded" one, since it depends of the gamefeel that you want in your game :)

For example for a fightgame, I'll focus on a very fast framerate but I'll make the keypose freeze (to add more contrast into the animations and make it more dynamic). At the opposite if it's a "chill" game, I'll try to have a quite low framerate and have a unique framerate to keep it chill.

So in the end, it depends of your game and the gamefeel you want :) The best way to know is to test and also check examples of games that you like and see what was their way to play with framerate :)

Hey! Ye it depends a lot of your process. I'm also a developper so I know some devs prefers to work with a unique resolution for a whole animation set. On my side I prefer to have each animation cropped separatly, so it avoids giant frames with a lot of empty spaces :)

Sure for extra-animations! I'm planning to make a bonus animations pack for people who want more :) Also about death, most of the "modern" game like Celeste don't use any death animation at all and work with FXs and tech art in general (they make a blinking single frame, add some particles, etc etc). Plus it can be super specific in function of the game, so I've decided to keep the pack without it, to avoid people using it wrong :)

Yeah! Some people already proposed me that and a lot of other "detail" animation like swimming, other attacks, etc.
So when I have time, I'm thinking about making an "extra-animations" pack with all the asked ones :)

hey! Thanks for the feedback and yeah, I know about that, it's because of the glow which is directly integrated in the sprite. I could have export it separatly but in function of the devs, I know it's a debate. So I'd prefered to keep it like that, as you've said it's easy to fix in an engine! Thanks again!

Yeah you can see a cool thing at 1000m :>

But except that, it's infite ye! Thanks for the feedbacks!

omg thank you <3 I'm super happy to read that ahah!

Yeah you can use it for commercial use, no extra-fees! But if possible I would like to be updated so I can know how people use my asset packs :) just being curious!

In most sidescroll game, main character only flash or "explode" (with an FX) when it takes damage or die, so I consider it was not a "must-have" one, seeing how rare these kind of animations are in nowadays game :)

But I'm still thinking about making an extra animations pack with all the animations people have asked me! So feel free to tell if you have more ideas!


Yo :) 

Tu peux me contacter sur Twitter ou par mail si tu veux ! Je suis en vacances là mais je te répondrai au plus vite ! Merci pour ton commentaire !

Hey! I'm super glad to see that you've already that much! It's looking super well already <3

Fixed! I've added a link to download it if you want :)

I'm trying to enable it but I can't figure how lmao, sorry about that!

Try to burn the bushes :>

Hey :) no not right now, but why not! Do you have any more precise idea in mind?

Thank you :D

Hey :) You can contact me via Twitter!

Thank you <3

Thanks! I just saw your mail :)


Yeah true! It depends of the engine but nowadays you can use non-traditionnal tile sizes in general, I've tried with Unity for example and it works well! 
Having different sizes of tiles helps a lot to make things look less "tiles" and as an artist, it helps a lot :)

Hey! Yeah you can contact me if you need extra assets, I'm available as a freelancer and I also teach pixel art to some students, so I know that some of them would have been interested by commissions! 

Also the size is not a precise one (8x8, 16x16, etc), I know the character is around 20 pixel height but nothing more specific!

It's in the pack already but this is a very rich environment, only a few assets here :)

Thank you Sven !!

I'm a mystical dude ahah, thanks!

Thank you Joshua!

Yeah, it was just for fun first but since a lot of people ask me about that, I'll make an asset pack with this character I guess! Do you have any animation in mind btw? I'll do the basic ones first but if you need something particular, feel free to tell!

Thanks! This one is an environment asset pack so there is just the idle animation on this one :)

Thanks! I try to keep the same art style with all the asset pack to be sure all of them fit together well :)

Thanks youuu <3

I'm planning to make a new one soon so that's a super good idea!

Hey hey :) Sure of course! Feel free to do what you want with it and do not hesitate to contact me if you need some minor modifications or even if you need extra animation/asset !

Hey! No, but I can do it :)

Hey! A lot of people contact me so maybe you've already done it, here is my mail : :)

Else feel free to contact me via Twitter too!

Hey! A lot of people ask me about doing more specific animation so one day, I think I'll make an "extra animations" asset pack :)

Yeah I agree about your suggestion! That's an interesting idea for next ones ! It was just a re-skin for this one but that's a really good idea!

Yeah I'm thinking about doing some zelda-like assets soon!