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Unfortunately, I can't do much about this issue :/

Which is why it's recommended to play this game using BlueStacks.

I wish I could fix this problem, but I need an Android programming expert to see where the crash comes from. If the crash will be fixed somehow, the game project will be fully updated as the "Definitive Version" of the game.


Ok, so I guess for now I'm gonna have to wait to get a pc or I can try a virtual android on my tablet and see if it works

I can probably help you out w your problem. Hmu if you want my help :)

Hello !

If you want to help me, I hope you understand Java/Smali programming and Android compatibility, because this crashing issue comes from the game's code.

Pretty much, yeah. I know how to write code in Java and know my way around Android Studio. Do you have the official source code of the game? Can't do much without that as I'm not fluent on reverse engineering

Alright !

Though I prefer we can discuss somewhere else to see our comments better. Do you have a Telegram or Discord account ?