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Not sure how to indicate which exact location some of the typos appear in - but a couple of little typos I see repeated already - "muckus" should be "mucus", if what you are trying to describe is something like snot; and the word "ominous" (which is the correct spelling) appears as "omnious" (incorrect) in several places.   Your english is much better than many games I've seen, especially with the large amount of text you have included!

If you could figure out a way to make a "close and save" which only worked one time and dropped you exactly where you left, that would be helpful, without giving any advantage.   Or even a reliable "pause" function.  :)

I keep getting severely injured, then having amazing luck - which is so funny.  Like being near death and just taking one swing at the shakespeare and killing it in one!  but then I have to go back to the last save anyway to get my companion back...  lol

If you ever make a game where you decided to incorporate voice actors, I make audio dramas for my podcast and know many actors who would jump on a chance, just for the fun of it (for free). ;)

Hey Julie, sorry for the late answer! Things have been hectic lately. I just moved to a new apartment.

I'll try to fix those typos in upcoming updates for sure! I really thought Muckus and Omnious were the correct way to write those words :D It's good that this comes up now!

Those near death situations are always really epic! I love hearing stories like that, because those are exactly the kind of situations I tried to build in in the game.

And I'll definitely keep you in mind if I need voice actors! Sounds pretty promising that you guys already have experience in something like that. I'm actually brainstorming and slowly starting a new project that has something to do with Fear & Hunger. This new project could possibly use voice acting if I wanted to step up the game.

had a crazy weeek myself.  If you need voices, reach me through my audio drama series 19 Nocturne Boulevard.  We would love to work with you!

Oh, and i got another friend hooked on your game - she also loved that your mythology, while falling into certain familiar lines, was very original and intriguing, as well as that some ends could be very nasty, which is more realistic than many games.