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Julie Hoverson

A member registered Dec 26, 2018

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Oh, and i got another friend hooked on your game - she also loved that your mythology, while falling into certain familiar lines, was very original and intriguing, as well as that some ends could be very nasty, which is more realistic than many games.

had a crazy weeek myself.  If you need voices, reach me through my audio drama series 19 Nocturne Boulevard.  We would love to work with you!

Not sure how to indicate which exact location some of the typos appear in - but a couple of little typos I see repeated already - "muckus" should be "mucus", if what you are trying to describe is something like snot; and the word "ominous" (which is the correct spelling) appears as "omnious" (incorrect) in several places.   Your english is much better than many games I've seen, especially with the large amount of text you have included!

If you could figure out a way to make a "close and save" which only worked one time and dropped you exactly where you left, that would be helpful, without giving any advantage.   Or even a reliable "pause" function.  :)

I keep getting severely injured, then having amazing luck - which is so funny.  Like being near death and just taking one swing at the shakespeare and killing it in one!  but then I have to go back to the last save anyway to get my companion back...  lol

If you ever make a game where you decided to incorporate voice actors, I make audio dramas for my podcast and know many actors who would jump on a chance, just for the fun of it (for free). ;)

I understand why you made actual saves that you can return to be rare and hard to find, but is there any reason you couldn't make some kind of facility for a save and leave, so you can stop the game and come back to it (just not over and over like a real save)?  
Real life does beckon...

Also, could I please proofread your text for you?  It's just little things that should be really easy to fix...  :)

Ok, now I'm having a ton of fun, once that got sorted.  Spent ages crawling around with a broken back, but somehow still fighting and avoiding things.  LOL 

I am such a newb, I didn't see anything on the screen saying keyboard, and wouldn't necessarily know to check.  

How silly of me!

I think it's because the mouse got me from the opening screen to the second one, I assumed it should continue to work.  Sorry about that.

I can't get the game to run?  It shows I downloaded it, and installed it, and when I click launch it show the painting logo, then the start screen. 

I click on new game (can't continue. haven't played yet), and it shows the characters, and .... nothing.

Nothing I can click on, can't select (the mercenary has the box round it, but can't click on that character either), just nothing.  

Is this unusual?  Should I be waiting for it to do something?  I was watching RiskRim play and it looked really twisted, and I think he mentioned problems with older versions, but it seemed to run ok for him.

Help? Thanks!