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Good  puzzle, although once you get it it flies by very fast. If you could lengthen it or just make it so you had to click the dots to get each answer it would be that much more of a game. Unless you were going for an interactive art piece. I did totally smile and feel special once I understood the puzzle though, it's really good at making you feel like that. It's an "aha" in a box.


Thanks! 👍
And yes, sometimes I like to take a break from bigger productions by creating these kinds of experimental "art-like" experiences... so I'm glad you liked it!
For longer (and proper) "games" I suggest you to take a look at some of my other works, like:
- In memory of the eternity
- sleepthrough
- our place
- on the balcony
- N.I.N.E.
- Damascus Current

But even shorter experiences as The hair in the wall, Widemare, That spongy thing on your tongue, Five minutes a day, Look at me, and Sealess Mother deserve to be played by those who like to feel some quick "aha" moments, while drowning in endless oceans of weirdness and dark surrealism. 😉