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can we have more gay stuff here please preferably bdsm and furry, and like we can capture them in the wild like the other and bring them to the dungeon 

Wow, people really didn't like that

Yeah, not something you'd expect. Thought more of anything would always be better.


I'm kinda ok with lots of stuff being optional, but if I'm being really honest I don't even want to see the options I don't like, it spoils the mood. I wish more games made big choices before the game starts, like asking if you want to be raped, then I can uncheck that box and never have to think about it while the story is unfolding.


This. I really don't get why people are getting so upset when someone asks for more gay stuff when there is literally an option to remove them from your game


Sometimes what is called "optional" is not so avoidable and it gets irritating. For instance, in Takes from the Unending Void there are several futa characters and only some of the content is avoidable, though people might say it's "optional" because SOME scenes are avoidable, but I really didn't want to see that hermaphrodite cock or get repeatedly asked if I want to have a relationship with a futa, especially when the choice is basically saying [ 1) Be polite and fuck. 2) Be an asshole. ] Having experienced this in several games, I'd rather a dev not spend their valuable time on stuff I don't like, there's usually too much for my tastes already. This site's adult games are so fetish it's making me feel vanilla, I can't finish half these games before uninstalling in disgust. I tired of pulling rainbow flags out of my throat. Just imagine people convincing your favorite devs to add more traditional Muslim content to all your favorite games and then ganging up on you and getting you banned when you say you don't like that idea, it feels like that sometimes.

And thank you for engaging in logical debate rather than attacking me for my opposing opinion.


There will be more of pretty much everything! Although we don't plan to add new characters any time soon - we're focused on completing the stories of the existing cast.