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If this game made with renpy you can still play it on Android with joiplay apps

Here's what actually happens 

Renpy have this file called zsync.exe that's work as an updater for renpy-based games. Most of the time it'd be harmless and beneficial. Yet it seems to have the ability to serve as a remote code execution (RCE) backdoor since its working mechanism is downloading patches from remote server and then execute however the devs want, if I get the source code & docs right.

So yeah it's mostly misunderstanding and false positive if i can said that because wow this is a huge vulnerability from renpy i hope it's get patch soon

once again I'm sorry for the inconvenience and chaos i made. 

i just want to protect my community from virus the best i can.

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alright thanks for hearing this,  i already change the title , im sorry if it's create to much chaos i just thought this game infected by virus since someone say their antivirus detected it as trojan backdoor, and yes after i look it up in virus total i feel weird, that vn that suppose to be offline game connect to difrent kind of ip and domain, and it's not helping that in the graphic many of the files dropped from the ip and domain is detected as malicious for some reason by virus total.

Disclaimer I'm not IT or virus expert, but you can't ignore that a offline game like vn contacting many ip and domain is suspicious.

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i uploaded the game on 

Please look at this virus total graph

vn should be offline game why it's contacting many different ip and domain,  some of it flag as malicious and dropping more malicious file

⛔Warning the game may contain Malicious Virus, vn should be offline game why it's contacting many ip and domain ⛔

Please made android version, this game is looks cool

This looks good i love Scaly

thanks for sharing the news❤ I always though it's dead because they focus on astatos lol

There is not much horor at this moment, you can focus on their story

I love undertale and deltarune, and many furry vn you listed there, this vn will be very very interesting

If you think about it this game is Horny Jail Simulator

The pictures i guess since notify you if developers change something in the game page

Any chance to get android version, i can play it with joiplay but it's so lagy especially at the animation 

Is there no choice to use slide show and edging at the same time, it's will be great if i don't need to click next while edging

I'm confused getting this 2 notification about your release that just a picture and a storry, are you going to make 2 games?

it's almost 2023 already when will the sequel came out

If this game made with renpy try used joiplay emulator to play it on Android

Furry VN theory 

If you think about it isn't all echo project game tecnicaly is connected in the same universe, since in adastra there is millions of planets, this vn alone can just be placed in another unknown planet on adastra universe 

day 1 yuuichi clothes when against keisuke in tennis match suddenly changed back to school uniform 

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Wow I'm early finally an update, i thought this vn is dead, but looks like it's not, times to replay the vn again 

Ah yes drink pain killer with soda, and then drink ice coffee, i wonders how can he still alive lol

Hey is there any more secret in the type your wish thing with echo at day 5 after 

"Owen Cut Content" Samuel sex scene

Or maybe in at when you type to sissel in his route 

Since i heard rumor there is some in the past there is some things like that

Source ukekooki playthrough his streaming chat said it, of course he's not get anything after input the words his chat said

But it's make me thinking is there really like that at least in the past 

i feel like this is the type of horror where you actually the murder lol

I mean the first nightmare in the plane said ben feel happy looking at that genocide dream for some reason 

So split personality or something like that maybe 

Um i don't know if you already know this, but the Android version have a problem it not automatically get to horizontal/landscape mode, for some reason its fix at vertikal

Can you made it to automatically fit on horizontally/landscape mode when you open the app

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Your name "nonohomo" is ironically the state of the mc right now lol

I can't get used with owen dull orange color 

he usually bright orange

Wow, I'm in the perfect time to get android version

Thanks you for your great story, it's been a great ride through out this year from the first time I read the original to this day, welp i hope you will have a good days, and hope to see you in your next project 

Well this vn still in development so saving progress is not working is will happen eventually, many other vn do this sometimes, and for us it's just going to be excuses to play the vn again from start

I will said my save file is not working is small price to pay for salvation i mean reduced game file and finally android version since i always used joiplay for playing this vn in android

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Im sorry to said this, but i have to said they all looks like they have balloons in their pants lol

I don't know how to draw, but maybe try making the bulge more like half a circle, instead of full circle attached to their body

But overall i like the story so far and their design, and especially their muscles and of course their breast lol

Yay our mc is not just regular mc that always wear the same clothes for like a season or for the entire game/anime/cartoon/comic and so on

If it's made of renpy(by the look of it) you can use emulator joiplay to play it on Android

can we have more gay stuff here please preferably bdsm and furry, and like we can capture them in the wild like the other and bring them to the dungeon 

same its renpy problem with android 11  i think, since my other phone with android 10 can still play this game just fine

other game that have the same problem is lyre, ocean Avenue, ico, and all of them is made with renpy 

so i like your game and as someone that's like this type of  rhythm games i realized 2 problem in your arrow 

1. the big problem here is using the man symbol as the arrow is confusing to the eyes, at least for me idk for the other, i don't really sure how to explain it, but if you see the same type of game like ayo dance or au, you will see solid arrow like this ⬆️➡️⬇️⬅️ with cubes texture where you can clearly see the arrow contrast to the background, meanwhile your arrow is having hollow circle ○》and see through so it's confusing to me and idk how to explain it, it's like watching that illusion type of picture that changing when being moved, idk how to explain it sorry.

please at least please make it solid arrow that's not see through so you can see it clearly contrast to the background 

2. second problem is all arrow is the same pointing upward ⬆️ you should know right why this type of game have 5 or 4 types of arrow pointing difrent direction ⬅️⬆️⬇️➡️ and middle buttons if it's 5

so in conclusion please change the arrow so it's bigger and not see through so you can clearly see it contrast to the background, and please make the arrow pointing other direction other than up ward