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I have a mechanics question. I hope this page is the right place to post those. 

In several instances a move says to 'hold 1', sometimes after removing or adding stitches. I've did a search through the Playkit but I've failed to find an explenation on how holding works in general. Is it possible to explain this briefly or point me to the page or section where I could learn to understand this? 

This is the first PbtA-game I've read, so that might be why I'm having a little trouble. 

Yeah, this is a good place to ask!

As you guessed, hold is a fairly standard PbtA thing that we forgot to clarify in the playkit (it'll definitely be in the final rules/future playkits).

Hold works the same as any other effect triggered by a move (for example pick 2), however the main difference is that hold doesn't have to be spend immediately.

For example, the read a person move lets you hold 1 or 3, which you can spend to ask questions from a list. You could spend all of that hold immediately to ask those questions, or spend them as you work your way through a conversation.

I tend to imagine it as having a stack of tokens that I can spend to trigger the effects of a move when it makes sense to.

An important note is that you can only spend hold on the move it was gained from (unless otherwise specified). And hold only applies to that particular use of the move - if I used read a person on Sparrow, I couldn't spend hold to read a different person (I'd have to roll again). It can be useful to note it down sometimes, if you're not using it all right away.

Hope this all makes sense!

Very clear, and so nice of you to take the time to explain!

I'm having a lot of fun working my way through the Playkit, imagining how a game of Ryne would look. And I'm listening to your game with Jeff Stormer right now.

That's lovely to hear! I hope you're enjoying it.

We're hoping to release some updates to the playkit soon (maybe just after the Indiegogo campaign). There are a few tweaks we've made since we released it that I'd love to share with people (bonds and wear are the big ones).