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Hi Reoku Maurer! Thank you for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

And yes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *blows a horn

Wow, I would be so happy if you decide to animate one of the bachelors or one of the scenes! Thank you for asking for my permission first--and yes you can! Please give me the link to it later so I can boast about my boys in one of my weekly updates >\\\<

As for who I consider the true canon route... hmm, this is a difficult question. Each bachelor is unique and have their own strengths. They are all my babies, but if I have to choose... it would be Rama. He needs Tamara the most ><

You are very welcome, I feel like its always best to ask the original creator when making something new of there work, just a policy of mine =)

As I said tho i'm only just starting to learn so it may take a while, but I hope you look forward to it <3