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Reoku Maurer

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You are very welcome, I feel like its always best to ask the original creator when making something new of there work, just a policy of mine =)

As I said tho i'm only just starting to learn so it may take a while, but I hope you look forward to it <3

Oh btw I forgot to ask which of the guy's route would you consider to be the true canon route thanks again ^_^

Hey SweetChiel, 

I have played and loved your game and I am eager for the new release coming soon, im hoping to either get into animation or 3D animation soon and I was wondering if I could try animating come of your characters or even some scenes from the game, the art style is gorgeous but I would love to see it in a new format,

Seeing this is your baby (which u did a great job on btw) I thought it would be best to ask permission before trying anything, Good luck with any new projects oh and Happy new year btw =)

Reoku <3

would you like me to do that just by email? I wouldn't know the email to use, if your worried about others finding it just message me to my email real quick with Is I will send them then asap

literally yesterday seeing I only received it on my birthday <which was yesterday> which Is why I thought I would bring it up seeing this is the finished product I would love to see this game shine

Found a way around you have to save during the black screen before seeing the audition room, or the night before, both are a little awkward but its a way around I spent all night figuring maybe its something to do with the code of the audition room? Just speculation hoping to help fix  bug Is all.

Hi, a friend of mine just bought this for my bday and im loving it btw, but I seem to be having a load glitch I am saving it just before the visualisation part of the auditions seeing im trying to write a walk through right now I wanna try all possibilities. but 9/10 my save bugs and it either throws me back into a foreplay séance when I should be at a audition <romanced shuu btw if that helps> or it just throws me back in my room but it still is the audition date, so ultimately I get screwed out  of a role more often then not even if I have the right requirements, so eventually I get a game over from not maintaining enough income. Im using windows 10.....please help T-T

Hey I purchased this game back in 2016 and read i should get all future updates....but its still asking me to pay for Hayato's route, so do i need to pay for his route again or is there some kind of glitch?

Any clarification would be great, getting a bit stressed about this =P

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just spent a whole 48 hours getting every end and ended up with 15 letters for the angel's password for the bonus section. (btw the sad ends so mean T_T cried so much) but i just cant figure it out. Spent a good 4 hours trying combonations and all wrong =( can we maybe just get a hint? or is it anywhere in the game at all? i just suck at anagrams too so maybe i overlooked it who knows.

Plz help me T_T

Edit - OMG i'm a dumb ass the bloopers helped me, never mind guys i'm just dumb -_-;

Edit....again - yeah um.....still need help or a hint or something. the hint i got was great and all but......i still can't get it....too many words avaliable T_T wish i was better at english now

I Played your Demo guys and I just LUV LUV LUV LUVED IT!!!!! The main character is so like me its scary X3 when will the game be complete? plz i would love to know the quality is just exuistite, and i can't wait to see how the different paths will play out ^^

Thanks very much Michaela =) looking forward to seeing how this beautiful game will end =) but at the same time sad there won't be more T_T

<3 you and your team very much girl great work

Just thought I'd start this topic up seeing my PayPal has been out of use for about 6 years now and i have no way to recover it after losing all my old info (I'm dumb I know =( )

So I can see on the main page that you can use PayPal to Pre-Order/Buy the game, but can we get the game by other methods? like Steam again? Or another payment method, I would be gald to know seeing I have been watching this game like a hawk since I finished SM and would love to get it ASAP.

Can anyone help?

Thanks and great luv

Reoku Maurer