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Phew... this game is potentially very good, but has some really weak points.

First off, I like the graphics, they are amazing. And the intro sequence is just awesome, I love it.

Also, the two button gameplay is good. Very direct and responsive, well done.

For the most negative part, the music is basically a no-go. I think it's some sort of a nice funny idea to play that song for a short moment, but having a popular song just play in a loop, - yeah. A no-go, since, as a player, it's just annoying. I played it with my computer sound muted since I really wanted to play it, but hated to be doomed to that one song.

I think I would have like the game more with health seperated from the energy system, for this reason: The energy being the health at the same time often results in situations of check-mate, where I can basically just kill my virtual self because I will run out of energy, no matter what I do. It dooms me as a player, which is just not good by design.

Finally, I think bigger bullets would have been a good idea because, despite the reaction / precision gameplay core: Especially the missiles 'wobble' in the air and with the two button input, it's almost impossible to reliably land a precise shot (by intention), which reduces player agency a lot and adds an unnecessary potion of luck to an otherwise nice quick-reaction game.

I made it till the yellow / brownish area where I then ran out of enery and crashed into one of the boxes.

Hope this feedback helps somewhat and I hope it's not too harsh! ;-)

Thanks for the feedback.

I might do a remake for this game in 2019 and will of course consider your suggestions. :)