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Any news on that?

Sorry, for the late reply: You can rebind all keys and gamepad buttons in the setting. :)

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AFAIK you didn't get the picture that is the last but one (the one) on the bottom left in the menu?

That should unlock automatically if you reach and watch the bad ending (Don't hit Alt+F4 before the unlock-sound rings).

That is the point. ;-)

It is my "comment" on the currrent state of games.

Don't worry. My next games will feature a setting where you jump right into the game where you left it last time ... without any intro screens or even the main menu.

Oh, that ... this is the credits screen. :)

The cheats are an additional level for each nurse.

Thank for the info. Please redownload. The original had a corrupted progress-file, preventing the game from starting.

Unfortunately not in this version. I can have a look if I could compile a version that doesn't render the windowed mode in 640*400.

Open all buttons of the right Nurse's shirt. Then hide the menu (the clipboard has to go offscreen). In the board behind the desk you will find a folder that has written "cheats" on it. Click it and enable the cheats in the next screen.

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Have a look at the books in the living room to get somethng that can work like a cleaner.
If you mean the door on the left next to the stairs ... use a hook that you find somewhere to unlock it.

I hope it helps. For the first half there is a walkthrough on YouTube further down in the comments.
Part two is here:

currently I don't have a walkthrough available. A settings-file will be posted soon. That unlocks every level.

They unlock the final stage. :)

Thanks for the replay and the review. 

I am in this moment (well, in about 20 minutes, just got up) working on a completely new Jump'n'Run-Engine that allows for far more flexibility. in movement and all. The first game with it will be a little test-game, that I also use to implement and test new features. It will be a little puzzle-platformer.
But one of the games that are planned with it is "Battle Slut XXX" (which then obvioulsy will be a Metal Slug X homage) and a remake of Suicide Mission with good graphics and better gameplay.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. :)

Thanks for the feedback.

I might do a remake for this game in 2019 and will of course consider your suggestions. :)