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Unfortunately not in this version. I can have a look if I could compile a version that doesn't render the windowed mode in 640*400.

Open all buttons of the right Nurse's shirt. Then hide the menu (the clipboard has to go offscreen). In the board behind the desk you will find a folder that has written "cheats" on it. Click it and enable the cheats in the next screen.

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Have a look at the books in the living room to get somethng that can work like a cleaner.
If you mean the door on the left next to the stairs ... use a hook that you find somewhere to unlock it.

I hope it helps. For the first half there is a walkthrough on YouTube further down in the comments.
Part two is here:

currently I don't have a walkthrough available. A settings-file will be posted soon. That unlocks every level.

They unlock the final stage. :)

Thanks for the replay and the review. 

I am in this moment (well, in about 20 minutes, just got up) working on a completely new Jump'n'Run-Engine that allows for far more flexibility. in movement and all. The first game with it will be a little test-game, that I also use to implement and test new features. It will be a little puzzle-platformer.
But one of the games that are planned with it is "Battle Slut XXX" (which then obvioulsy will be a Metal Slug X homage) and a remake of Suicide Mission with good graphics and better gameplay.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. :)

Thanks for the feedback.

I might do a remake for this game in 2019 and will of course consider your suggestions. :)