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in the app you can use the "Manage" button to switch to another version, so you can install 1.6.4 there, or 1.7 later, and switch back and forth. Just note that savegames are not compatible.

Much older builds (up to 1.5.1) still exist in the Google Code Archive ( although I requested Google to delete that page, to avoid confusion.

The last MacOS LambdaRogue build from 2013 is available here: Please note I can't support MacOS anymore, because I don't have access to a Mac anymore. My main focus is on Linux and (secondary) Windows.

However, I think anything before 1.6.4 is much worse than what we now have, esp. with 1.7. :)

Ouh. Even on roguebasin your official site changed to, I assumed that the old one was deleted already. Thank you very much, it's exactly what I was looking for! But shame on me, the old site is the 5th result in google...

Lack of support for Mac doesn't bother me - as I wrote, it's for archiving purposes. I'm just trying to save as much roguelikes as possible, including every released version.

I remember playing 1.6.4, I'm going to try 1.7.0 as well, definitely :)