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Took a shot at the alpha and built a horrible nightmare park of endless runs and chairlifts - guests loved it! Haha. It's has a promising start to build off of, but it was still a little too sandboxy at this stage. I play the occasional tycoon game and resource management and all those various factors to keep an eye on are big selling points for me. I'm interested to see how the game will play once that stuff is added in (assuming that's your direction). The visuals are nice and clean and the music is great! Reminded me a little of the Risk of Rain soundtrack, which is stellar. Anyways, I'm curious to see how this game will turn out as development continues. Included more of my impressions in the video below. Good luck with it guys!

I saw the video on youtube and added it to our playlist. Thanks! Hope you'll be there when we'll add some content :) Cause yes, this alpha was meant to be a sandbox and we're planning to add management elements. See you then!