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Super excited that this is out so quickly! I started playing it and have been enjoying it a ton! Quick question though, but could you explain how the choice feedback system works? I've been trying to get Clement's "Moving to the Future" ending and am extremely lost as to what I'm doing wrong. I don't think you guys are a big fan of guides, so I'm hoping for some tips!


Of course! 

The diamond that displays after most choices shows the player how their choice has affected a certain character's level of affection. The color of the diamond corresponds to a certain character. (It is mostly easy to guess based on the characters in the scene).

If the arrow moves away from the diamond, you have improved your relationship with the character. If it moves towards it from further out, then affection has decreased. Some choices do not affect your level of affection at all, and in some (rare) instances, you won't be able to tell which way the arrow is moving. 

Now - the arrow gives you a general guideline, but it doesn't tell you everything, namely how significant the choice is in the route. Some choices will increase affection immensely, while others may increase it a small amount (and the same can be said for decreases).

The hints for Clement are that his route most closely aligns with a traditional dating simulator, and also, he favors a person that is hard-working, honest, and also can call him out on his silly attempts at flirting. ;) Good luck!

I think I came across one of those rare instances where you can't tell in a Vincent playthrough! I thought it was unintentional, but now I see that it was there for a reason! 

Thanks for the help! What I've played of the game so far has been really fantastic (and uhhh oh boy Vincent was a whirlwind), and I can't wait to keep going through it!


Not sure if you saw our tweet, but we just updated the game because there were a few others who contacted us about the black BGs. We figured it was best to adjust the game, since several people mentioned it. Anyway, we hope you're enjoying the story!