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I think I came across one of those rare instances where you can't tell in a Vincent playthrough! I thought it was unintentional, but now I see that it was there for a reason! 

Thanks for the help! What I've played of the game so far has been really fantastic (and uhhh oh boy Vincent was a whirlwind), and I can't wait to keep going through it!

Super excited that this is out so quickly! I started playing it and have been enjoying it a ton! Quick question though, but could you explain how the choice feedback system works? I've been trying to get Clement's "Moving to the Future" ending and am extremely lost as to what I'm doing wrong. I don't think you guys are a big fan of guides, so I'm hoping for some tips!

This is such a sweet, simple little game! I really love the design, great work!

Thanks! It was meant to be simple and straightforward since I made it during a weekend hackathon and game jam, but I'm glad people seem to still generally enjoy regardless! 

Thank you so much! And yeah, it does rush a little bit but I wanted to finish it within the timespan of a Hackathon that I also started working on it for. It really helped me learn more about making visual novels though, and I had a ton of fun!

Just something I've been working on for the past few days! It's based on a concept I had back in high school for a small school assignment, and years later I was interested in making something small based on that concept. Making it definitely made me feel really motivated to work on more small games.