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Wow, what an awesome murder mystery! I really wanted to know what was behind the locked door, but I couldn't find a way to open it. Still! The choice of what to do at the end - both sides are super compelling. Being a queer romantic mess of course i went for monster love, but it was really interesting seeing Neo beat themselves up over the other choice as well. Great job on your game, the atmosphere, colors, and everything all together were amazing! Special props especially to the multiple colors in each room. I can't wait to try it out myself!


Thanks!!!!!!! :3 yeah that hallway door is just bc ~design~ (spaced looked bare with only one door) but if i had more time and was like not that tired i prob would have done something for it.. i bet its just a supply closet?? bc i think putting a bedroom near the door to the room seems weird mmmm i guess another office could be.. but i do like the sound of a supply closet ha ha

yeah idk which ending is “canon”.. i guess they both are but yeah im super there for the “good” one (i actually didnt have this one planned at first i think but like come on like i could resist it! tragedy isnt my typical thing so yeah :p

hell yeah good luck!!!