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I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :)

I loved playing this game. I saw it featured in an older YouTube lets-play and stopped immediately so I could experience it myself. The combination of music, shaders, and extremely evocative skybox work so well to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a small and reflective adventure. Thanks so much for making and sharing this!

Agreed! We intended on adding more enemies, faster paced movement, but we ran out of time. We are planning on working more on this in the future, though. Thanks for the feedback!! :)

You perfectly executed the prompts. Well done! I was SO surprised and mad when the guide disappeared after 6... The best I managed was 37. Thank you!

I LOVED this! Your colors, music, and aesthetic are so well put together. It took me right back to my Gameboy, and your excellent pixel art really sold the whole experience. Excellent music as well. I only wish it was longer!

Loved your take on the theme of "Can't Stop". It looks great, and the action is addictive! I could only get 3 points before dying.

Bump, some clarification for the jam topic would be appreciated!

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Your English is great, and I appreciate your well wishes. I am also glad that you enjoyed sharing in my reflection!

!! Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that the atmosphere resonated with and inspired you! I really wanted to develop a sense of mystery and exploration throughout the piece. If you do end up doing something in 3D, I would love to see it!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This was such an impressive project. Excellent work with layering and 3D design. The sewers were especially impressive, along with your creative use of locks and keys. I really enjoyed the ending, although I didn't realize the point of the game until then. Even so, this was such a great project to stumble across!

This was a really impressive first project!

I liked your dialogue and concept. Good use of room transitions and mazes to encourage exploration. I would have liked to see a bit more dialogue, though! The writing you did have was very good.

I really enjoyed walking through this honest personal reflection. Your dialogue effectively communicates such a strong sense of nostalgia, loss, and new perspectives all at the same time. The color palette you use also adds to this effect. I love the rope swing vista in particular.

As someone who knows nothing and will know nothing about Supernatural, this finale just made Supernatural (Ayolland Cut) my favorite show. Ever. The music, writing, and often hilarious shot-reverse-shot sequences had me laughing all the way through! The explosions, devil laugh, face close ups, and more all worked together to really create a show finale level experience. The 2300 ending was a great twist, and the insane moment when Deans? eye powers activated and took the devil to dean-soul was awesome! The sprite work of them holding hands was really poignant and stood out in a game that was mostly pixelized profiles. This really elevated what I assume the source material was. Wonderful work!

You did an excellent job capturing that fleeting, things-dont-go-your-way feeling that so many dreams have. Trying to move or go somewhere, but you can't move... scenes and images drifting in and out of mind... it all works together to build an atmosphere that would fit in perfectly with hazy real world dreams. Great work!

I really enjoyed walking through your fragment. The poetry was mysterious, wistful, and evocative. Your color pallete is excellent, and the burnished orange and grey really gives a  sense of depth and deep time to the whole piece. Your work on custom dialogue boxes and the torch effect also do much to add to the whole piece. I did get lost in the open ended room you have in your screenshot - I think that perhaps I was supposed to be locked in to walking to the next room exit in the bottom center, but there was a gap and I got out accidentally. I wandered a bit, then figured it out. The ending, too, was excellent. I feel so bad for Hestia, who can never participate or leave. What a great experience! 

I really enjoyed playing through "Snuffed"! Your use of the minimalist 3D geometry really helped to build the atmosphere of the game as an ocean scavenging experience. The ending, where you rescue another candle person was really intense, and a great point to finish on. I did get slightly lost when I had to go really far out to sea to examine a few objects, but even with that it was a great experience. Excellent work!

I really enjoyed this small memory. blending the game scene into the page background was a great choice, and really helped the game FEEL big, even though it's so tiny. I also remember the power going out much more when I was young (although, that's bound to be true when I grew up in the mountains and now live in the city). Lighting candles as the story progresses was also a nice touch!

Thank you for sharing! I have many friends who chose the same as you and ultimately left the education path. I certainly can relate - I might have done the same if it had been an option. I'm glad you enjoyed my musings and found comfort in it too. Thanks again so much for your kind words! :)

I loved playing through the game 100%. At first, I really thought about which collection fit myself best. After my first playthrough, I went back to see what the other options were like and I really appreciated the excellent mood you create through your writing and minimalist ritual aesthetics. It's really excellent. The fifth ending stumped me for a bit, until I had an idea... needless to say, I found the final ending, and after going through the other four, I loved how the final ending is about you as opposed to the others. What a great game! So much depth packed into just a handful of rooms.

I just played the whole game through without having played the prior entries... but even so, this was so enjoyable! The work you did to escalate Bitsy aesthetics really pays off, and the entire game was wonderful to look at and listen to! Your writing was excellent, and I was so happy for Trixie and her ?new partners? at the end! I will be going back and playing the first two entries later, I loved this so much!

Wow! That was amazing! Your writing was stellar throughout and really carried the narrative. You did an excellent job creating romantic tension, and the small player choices here and there helped to create extra drama. I agonized for about a minute whether over the mirror card! What a wonderful moment to capture in a game.

I really enjoyed walking through this! The static effect in the background really helped to build on the surreal atmosphere, as well as the strangely expansive and winding alleyway. I did encounter what may have been a bug when I read the final dialogue for each page. The dialogue from each item at the top of the screen would disappear when I hit "up" to make it scroll faster. If this was intentional, then all is well. I would like to play a longer experience with this kind of background fuzz. It created wonderful atmosphere.

I loved this game! I was wondering the whole time if the cat was going to chase you, and it totally paid off. I loved how batty saved you after you dove off the table too! 

I really enjoyed playing through this narrative! I feel like space is really often this scary place where only horror or tragedy takes place. I loved how you re-contextualized it to create such a cozy and warm-fuzzy-feeling experience. The pixel art was excellent, especially for the alien! The music also paired really nicely with everything to build the atmosphere, and Truck is super cute! It kind of looks like a cross between a rabbit and a sea slug :) Thanks for sharing this lovely experience!

As someone who loves Moomin and Bitsy, this was such a joy to stumble into! I loved the mood you created through your interpretation of Moomin aesthetics and your music. The puzzles were very engaging and fun, although I did get tricked a few times when the puzzle swapped between "repeat after me" and "What comes next in the pattern?" styles. I wish that I didn't get booted back all the way to the start when I failed, but even then it was super enjoyable and engaging. Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad I could play this and feel for a bit like I was part of Moominvalley.

I loved the use of collectables to encourage exploration! The secret reward at the end was really nice too. The bug sprites were great, and the overall aesthetic and color palette was so refreshing!

I love this! I was confused for a bit about how I was supposed to reach King Smiley, until I remembered the "Scoot directly through the defending Pawn's space" maneuver. Great use of the one room limitation!

Thank you so much! This project was so difficult to put together. Some tiles have upwards of 5-7 "Permanent" items stacked on the same spot to achieve the full color effect. Quick shout-out to Borksy Hacks for Bitsy, in particular the See-through and Permanent Items hacks!

Thank you for your comments! I am glad that you connected with this project. I honestly feel so happy I managed to finish it. Knowing that it resonated with players is even better!

Wow, what a great game! I loved the music and graphics, especially when the 'glitches' started piling up. Your memories come through so clearly and transport the player back to the early 00's completely.

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Love the game! the music and aesthetics are lovely and the game mechanics are super solid. Not sure if i'm just bad or not, but i got stuck after the frog boss fight. After proceeding to the room to the right of the frog boss, I realized I was trapped between two electric gates with no apparent way to get past them. (the gate before the frog boss reset after I left the room). Please let me know if I just missed something. Even then, extremely fun and cute! (EDIT: saw the documentation in known issues.)

did I spend and hour on this? Yes. Yes I did. Super neat (and frustrating) game!

thank you! It was a really fun project to work on and it taught me a lot about bitsy!

Links Awakening was also one of my first games. You perfectly captured the adventure and magic that exists on that little island far out at sea. Thank you for the beautiful game.

Wow! What a great little story! Amazing job hacking the image to be extra wide. I really loved your minimal use of color which reflects the trans themes  that your story explores.