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Love the game! the music and aesthetics are lovely and the game mechanics are super solid. Not sure if i'm just bad or not, but i got stuck after the frog boss fight. After proceeding to the room to the right of the frog boss, I realized I was trapped between two electric gates with no apparent way to get past them. (the gate before the frog boss reset after I left the room). Please let me know if I just missed something. Even then, extremely fun and cute! (EDIT: saw the documentation in known issues.)

did I spend and hour on this? Yes. Yes I did. Super neat (and frustrating) game!

thank you! It was a really fun project to work on and it taught me a lot about bitsy!

Links Awakening was also one of my first games. You perfectly captured the adventure and magic that exists on that little island far out at sea. Thank you for the beautiful game.

Wow! What a great little story! Amazing job hacking the image to be extra wide. I really loved your minimal use of color which reflects the trans themes  that your story explores.

this was amazing! I loved going around and talking to everyone then discovering the radio and searching for the ghosts! I especially loved your use of color, everything was so vibrant and wintery. Great job!

Wow, what an awesome murder mystery! I really wanted to know what was behind the locked door, but I couldn't find a way to open it. Still! The choice of what to do at the end - both sides are super compelling. Being a queer romantic mess of course i went for monster love, but it was really interesting seeing Neo beat themselves up over the other choice as well. Great job on your game, the atmosphere, colors, and everything all together were amazing! Special props especially to the multiple colors in each room. I can't wait to try it out myself!

Wow! What a sweet adventure! Bigfoot is such a good and reliable pal even without his hair. My only regret is the hover bike... Great work, especially with the closeup cutscenes!

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I loved it! I also commute a lot so I totally related to looking around and just taking in the ambiance on a late night ride.

Wow, thank you so much! I love it. Between the stealth mechanics and the easy and loving way the pair talks about each other, I just can't get enough!!!

thank you so much! I really wanted it to try and make each prompt word shine. This was my first time making a game that is more than just a straightforward visual novel, so it was a lot of fun figuring out how to make puzzles and challenges!

oh my god. I love the pun, but even more than that your writing is so expressive! I especially enjoyed the sound effect art. CRUNCH!