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I really enjoyed walking through your fragment. The poetry was mysterious, wistful, and evocative. Your color pallete is excellent, and the burnished orange and grey really gives a  sense of depth and deep time to the whole piece. Your work on custom dialogue boxes and the torch effect also do much to add to the whole piece. I did get lost in the open ended room you have in your screenshot - I think that perhaps I was supposed to be locked in to walking to the next room exit in the bottom center, but there was a gap and I got out accidentally. I wandered a bit, then figured it out. The ending, too, was excellent. I feel so bad for Hestia, who can never participate or leave. What a great experience! 

thank you so very much, both for playing and for taking the time to leave this lovely comment! and for letting me know about the problem in the first room - woops. i definitely want to go back and either fix that or make it clear where to go through tile or colour choice. thank you again!