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I'm glad you're having fun with it!

I promise there are no advantages granted to the Playdate - it's using the same code when it rolls the dice as the player. I think the difference is that its programmed to spot everything. There have been times where I'll hit B to roll again and notice I missed a better pull, but then that's part of the experience of the game.  I remember playing this with actual dice with friends and being relieved one of them didn't notice they'd rolled a straight and only pulled the one and the five.  I'm not saying you're making mistakes, just that the "AI" will not.

I considered having it make mistakes like humans would, but was worried this could confuse players if it didn't take full advantage of a roll that the player spotted and it didn't. That's why it will always pull all ones and fives, even if it would be more advantageous to take a single one just to have a better shot on the next roll.

The rules for the game are based on how I was taught to play it many years ago. I may do an update that modifies those rules to allow additional pulls. 

Again, really happy you're enjoying it. If you have a spare moment, I'd appreciate it if you could rate the game!

Oh, I've definitely made mistakes, no doubt. Usually it involves me accidentally pushing B and wishing I could back up. The computer usually makes the same choices I would with regards to when to gamble and roll or not. Definitely will rate. I actually have never played this game before so I didn't even know it was a pre-existing game. I just got your other game to try as well. 

I'll give some thought on how to handle the player staying when they may have missed a better pull.  Maybe if hints are enabled and you stay it will show what you might have missed and give you an opportunity to improve your pull.

Thanks for much for rating it! I'd love to have your feedback on Shift as well - thanks for picking it up!

Definitely took advantage of the hints when I started and still didn't quite understand the rules completely. Was thinking too much in a Yahtzee mindset at the beginning. Understand the rules now but still get ahead of myself sometimes. 😁