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No, it didn't give me any helpful info at all. Just a generic message.

I can't start a game. The mode select screen loads and then it just crashes the Playdate when you try to start a game in any of the modes.

I'd really like to see yearly. I was going to put in birthday's and anniversaries, those types of things. I wouldn't mind monthly or weekly as well. But yearly would be very nice.

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Only had a chance to play a couple of times so far so I need some more time with it but I do have a suggestion for an alternative control method. Use the A button to cycle through the columns, the B button to cycle through the rows and then you can use the D-Pad to push and pull accordingly. You could even use one button to switch between rows and columns and then move directions with the D-Pad and push and pull with the D-Pad. Orientation depending on whether in Column or rows. So far I notice I tend to push and pull correctly pretty accurately on the rows but have to stop and think with columns. I'm sure eventually I'll have the muscle memory down but this alternative control method would make it obvious what to do at the start. Just an idea. Enjoying it the little bit I've played so far though!

Definitely took advantage of the hints when I started and still didn't quite understand the rules completely. Was thinking too much in a Yahtzee mindset at the beginning. Understand the rules now but still get ahead of myself sometimes. 😁

Oh, I've definitely made mistakes, no doubt. Usually it involves me accidentally pushing B and wishing I could back up. The computer usually makes the same choices I would with regards to when to gamble and roll or not. Definitely will rate. I actually have never played this game before so I didn't even know it was a pre-existing game. I just got your other game to try as well. 

Just want to say so far this is one of my favorite games on the Playdate. I've played it quite a bit. Sometimes I feel like the computer player is luckier then it should be. Also feel like 4/5 of a kind should be a thing. 

No problem. 👍

If you go into the game and then back out with the be button all the way you get a crash. Or at least I do. Using the latest firmware.