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Wow, that was soo refreshing! I don't remember when I had so much fun with an otome until now!

What i really love is writing! Nice and light with a little comedic touch. I actually laughed a few times c: the same goes for art! not really anime like but not like for children (?) i don't know how should i put this...

Heroine is totally relatable, i see myself in her actions and thoughts. ( talking with a chicken and making "oh~ah~" when some hotties are around XD)

For the boys hmm... oya oya. I think on my radar would be Mr. Honey ;) ( i can see some jerk-ish vibes from him but i know he is a good guy) Mr. DID SOMEONE SAID TAILORING ( such a sweetheart oya <3 and a dedicated one! I am looking forward to helping him!) and Mr. MY HEARTH BELONGS TO MY BABY CAT GIRL ( no but seriously because of that cat i am curious about his route). Other guys were nice too but they didn't catch my attention.

so, please do not give up on this  project and do your best i am with you ^^ I can't wait for the full game! stay strong! ( and sorry for any spealing mistakes, still learning eng)

 just one question; the price for the full game? how much it gonna cost?

Oh my. Don't make me blush. Thank you so much for playing our demo and leaving such a kind comment. You don't know how happy we are to hear you had fun playing it and actually laughed! Writing humour is very hard and after reading our work 1000 times it becomes pretty stale. So it's always a bit exciting to hear the public opinion. We were delighted to hear which boys are on your radar atm. Thanks for your words of encouragement and don't worry about any spelling mistakes. Just like a lot of other game developers, we aren't native speakers ourselves so we completely understand. 

About the price of the full game: We haven't given it a lot of thought yet. Let's just see where this demo goes first. But we are aware of the age of our demographic so we'll certainly keep that in mind. :)