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Well. hello third game from the series! Super hyped about that one since your games were always close to my heart and made me fell in love with otomes and VN! ( and I share a name with MC so double hype XD) I will wait 39842 years if i have for this so take time ^^

Wow, that was soo refreshing! I don't remember when I had so much fun with an otome until now!

What i really love is writing! Nice and light with a little comedic touch. I actually laughed a few times c: the same goes for art! not really anime like but not like for children (?) i don't know how should i put this...

Heroine is totally relatable, i see myself in her actions and thoughts. ( talking with a chicken and making "oh~ah~" when some hotties are around XD)

For the boys hmm... oya oya. I think on my radar would be Mr. Honey ;) ( i can see some jerk-ish vibes from him but i know he is a good guy) Mr. DID SOMEONE SAID TAILORING ( such a sweetheart oya <3 and a dedicated one! I am looking forward to helping him!) and Mr. MY HEARTH BELONGS TO MY BABY CAT GIRL ( no but seriously because of that cat i am curious about his route). Other guys were nice too but they didn't catch my attention.

so, please do not give up on this  project and do your best i am with you ^^ I can't wait for the full game! stay strong! ( and sorry for any spealing mistakes, still learning eng)

 just one question; the price for the full game? how much it gonna cost?

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Okay, I was so fanscinated by demo! And I thought that Ash is a boy, oh god XD Plot so far looks really interesting I am curious about other endings that  you have in mind hehe and relationships development. I think my type wil be Zen, I like his a little goofy character ~~ Art is very nice, so much improvement since your previous games! I am AMAZED!  I also liked this funny options about telling the real Ash job hehehe.

ps; Can I romance the narrator pls? XD

Aaah, so that  explains everything! Congrats, you must have worked  really hard to be a doctor c:

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I was afraid that you are dead >*< Thanks good that is not true! I love your Fanstasia series they were my very first otomes!

Something totally different from old demo u-u Looking nice I am gonna play it and give u feedback.

Well, I must confess you really got me curious with this plot. I decided to give it a shot because I was bored and I didn't get dissapointed. The relationship between characters are really nice <3 I think my favourite route will be Lagi but Aito seems the most interesting.  So, I am looking forward to full game ;D