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10/10 would recommend. 

Extremely creepy audio and ambient sound, plus a few good jump scares.

I originally approached this game as though I were invincible because I assumed the Dev's wouldn't murder a child. I was wrong. I died.

This video was legitimately so very entertaining.  You're a talented broadcaster, and our humble team is very grateful you selected our game to stream.   Thanks for the kind words about SOPHIE, and please keep making videos--we'll put the sub to your channel to good use.  

Thank you!

Quick question, are you planning on making any more games besides 'Sophie?' If so, is there any way I can sign up to be notified for your other releases? 

I really liked doing my let's play for Sophie, and would like to do Let's plays for any other games your company releases.

Hey Lightifer!  Thanks so much for asking and expressing your interest.  So, we've been in development of another project, working title 'Virtue'for roughly a bit over a year now.  However, due to a number of things (e.g., all of our devs have other jobs too) and how ambitious the project is, we are unable to provide a tentative release date on that one.  

That said, the best way to keep up with us is likely to "follow" GoblinWare on Itch.Io, and/or follow @GoblinWare on Twitter.  More, if you want to send your direct contact details to and, we will be sure to shoot you an e-mail or let you know directly (with as much heads up as we can) about anything new we're putting out.  

Due to the popularity of SOPHIE, we've been flirting with the idea of extending it, adding new levels, more narrative, etc.  We're certainly about to release a version 1.04 which polishes a number of previous things that all the feedback has brought up (but which is not content-related so would not be considered a 'major update'). 

Hope any of that helps!


Alright, thanks! I'll be sure to do all of that!