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Ouch. Well, I'll try to survive.

I absolutely love this game! The graphics are very pretty, and I enjoyed the branching choices, though I'm not very far into it yet. Would it have changed the story if I chose to attack them head on instead of retreating>

Also are there multiple endings?

Either way, I'm going to be playing this game every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until I've finished it, so if you want to see more, then remember to subscribe!

I though it was pretty good, though I admittedly wasn't too fond of the graphics. It is one of the few horror games that takes place in the mind of a small child, which I found rather interesting.

I would appreciate a sub!

Ah, I see. Thanks.

I found the gameplay to be really challenging, but part of the reason why might be because I had no clue what I was doing. I'm still not a hundred percent sure how I was supposed to mine more ore...

Regardless, I enjoyed it and would appreciate a sub!

I had a blast playing this, and actually played it four times to get all the endings. If you missed one, or didn't want to replay it, then feel free to look at my video. I would appreciate a subscribe!

Alright, looking forward to it!

Hello again! Now that you've updated the game, is there more story available? In the previous version, I was able to fight Boreas. Can I progress past that point now, or was this only a bug fix?

The graphics were adorable! The gameplay was fun, though challenging. It was a struggle to not get blasted back to the start as even a minor mistake could screw you over badly.

Thanks for reaching out to me. Feel free to contact me again if you make any other games.

Also, I would appreciate a sub.

This game was bizarre, though I have to say the branching story-lines were really cool. I would appreciate a sub!

I had fun playing it! It is actually pretty good.

I like the art style, but why am I missing two arms?

I've completed the entire series in 5 parts, and I am fairly , certain that I've explored and found everything. 

If you get stuck on getting out of the mansion check part 1.

If you get stuck on finding the location of the generators, check part 4.

If you get stuck on the music part of the Forgotten Mansion and just want to know how to get the medallion, watch part 5.  More generally, part 5 has the wraps questline, and a walkthrough of the forgotten mansion.

I had so much trouble with this game... It took me a total of 25 minutes to beat the game, though after edits I brought the video time down to 13:40. Let me know what you think!

Alright, thank you for your help!

This was a really fun demo, but how long is the demo in total? I just got out of the house btw.

I want to complete the demo, and I just want to know how many episodes I am committing to.

So, I did a let's play of your game, and I have mixed reactions to it. On one hand it had a good ambiance to it. By this I mean I liked the environment and lighting. Both contributed to the horror element.

On the other hand though, you only had a grand total of 3 scary moments (about), though I suppose you could sort of increase it to 5. Either way, I think you can add a lot more elements to it. 

Also, if you're not going to let us go farther up or down, then I would recommend not keeping those pathways there. Instead of invisible walls, just put solid walls down.

So, I decided to do a let's play on your game and I have a few questions. Firstly, how long are the each of the chapters going to be? Secondly, am i going to be able to do things in game or is this a story only game? Thank you in advance!

Also the story seems rather well put together, so well done there!

Reading the comments, a lot of people were having trouble with both, turning the lights back on and finding the key. In my first swing at this, I personally had trouble with the latter.

In order to help anyone else that gets stuck, I made a short 4 minute how to on beating the game.

I'll be sure to play it again then! I really enjoyed your game. I've been playing a lot of horror games on my channel recently, and yours has been the scariest aside from  'Sophie.'

Oh gods this game is difficult. As the title suggests, I die a lot in the game. Do you have any suggestions for actually beating the game? I think I might get back to it in a few days.

As for suggestions... them being able to chase you in water was rather irritating. I would second Neco the Sergals suggestion of making the demons roam the villages as opposed to chasing you for all of eternity.

Not a problem. It was really quite enjoyable. Do you have any horror game suggestions or requests? I'm trying to break into that genre on my channel.

I must have missed it then.... I guess I'll go back and try again.

I tried the game as well. After playing it, I read the comment. Unlike most people, I successfully turned the circuit breakers back on, but the key still didn't spawn...

This was a very interesting concept, one that I don't think I saw before. It took me a while to get through it, but I think I did alright. 

Out of curiosity, what's the story behind those two tapes that weren't part of the solution? Did you originally intend to use them for something, or were they placed there to purposefully trip up players?

Either way, it was nicely done.

The game blew my mind. By the end of the video... Me: WTF just happened.

Hence the title.

I completely understand not wanting to give concrete dates. I hope you meet your goal though!

It was rather short, so I can't give a lot of details as far as reviews go, but the game seemed really polished. I'd love to do a follow up when the full game comes out. Any estimates on time?

I did a let's play of the game. There isn't a lot of content out right now, but I enjoyed the feel of it nonetheless. Keep up the good work!

This was a great game. I had a  blast playing it!


That's really impressive. I'm starting to compose music myself to complement my other musical talents (I can play the guitar and sing), and it hasn't been going all that well for me. Coming up with lyrics is harder than I thought....

The final part is out. Once more, fantastic game.

Good luck!

Damn that was a good review. You've actually convinced me to both play it and do a let's play on it, before I've even read the description of the game!

And yes, I do generally scan the comments before anything else.

If you want to see the let's play it will be on my channel in two days,

Happy New Years!

Alright, so for the action sequence mechanic... I'll be honest, I didn't really like it. The question you should be asking is, 'how much work would it be to get rid of it, and can my time be better spent?' as well as, 'will getting rid of it later be more, less, or the same amount of work?'

Your game is fairly new, so I would worry about getting more content out right now and optimize the content once you get more reviews, as opposed to basing it off of one persons opinion. That said, once more, I didn't really like the action sequence mechanic, so if this were a vote, you know where my vote lies.

As to the answers to my questions... I only saw this after I finished my third episode, so I didn't incorporate this into my let's play, but thanks for clearing it up anyway.

I really think you should copy and paste the answers as a comment on the video itself so that it will help anyone looking for a walk through of your game. My video's show up directly under the trailer when you look up Luna Sanctus! This means that if anyone is looking for answers to questions about your game, I am the first one they will see.

As a last note, can you alert me when you update the game? I'll be sure to continue this let's play and, assuming it takes you a couple of months to update, I should have more subscribers, better equipment. and be in a overall better position to promote the game.

The second part of the let's play is out:

I am considering turning this into a full series. Out of curiosity, how long is the demo?

Thanks, and I do plan on doing a second part to this series. It was a lot of fun! I am going to be doing part two to this series either today or tomorrow, I haven't quite decided. If I do it today, then expect it to be out by 7 pm.

I started a Let's Play of this game. So far there is only one episode mainly because I am not sure if this game will gain popularity. If you guys want to see more video's for Luna Sanctus, leave a comment, either here or my YouTube page, and please remember to subscribe so you can be notified when he next video is out!