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Very entertaining!  Thanks so much for playing.  Liked/subbed.

Glad you liked it!  Thanks so much for playing.  Liked/subbed.

Really glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for making a video of the experience.  :) Liked and subbed.

Really glad you had fun playing SOPHIE despite the dying.  You were definitely on the right track! And yes, things do get a little more dark and flickery as you go along, because creepy classroom is creepy. Your video was quite fun to watch.  Looking forward to your next one! Liked/subbed.

Thank you for posting this! We caught your video on Youtube when SOPHIE was first released on this site and already threw it a like a sub, but now hopefully more people here will get to check it out.

Great video! The nap really seemed to help.  :) Enjoyed watching you get through it, and your scare reactions.  Liked and subbed so I can see what you do next!  Sorry you're broken... hopefully it gets better.  :D

So glad you did! It was great watching you make connections and notice things, and your persistence.  The ghost is sorry you don't want to see her...  :D Liked/subbed. 

Thank you for playing, and for making this video! Very glad you enjoyed it. 

Thanks so much!  Liked/subbed.

Hey!!  Thanks for making that video.  Made you a sub and a like higher. 

Highly entertaining video! Really enjoyed the extra touches (and beard-scratch moments). Sam is sorry you're disappointed in his face picture.  Definitely looking forward to your next video! Liked/subbed.

Wow, thanks so much for playing!    Glad you came back to making videos so we could drop you the like/sub!  Very grateful for your taking the time to record this.

Thank you for posting this! I cheered  out loud a bit when you said "Aha...." and got it.  The ghost is glad she's creepy, and that you made it out alive. Really enjoyed watching. Liked/subbed.

Thank you for the video, and the feedback as well. The puzzle seems to be one of those things people either understand quickly or not at all. Keep an eye out for any SOPHIE updates here! Liked/subbed.

Grest video! I truly enjoyed watching your video and reactions (and catching what I could of the French).  Thank you for making it. Liked and subbed. 

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing and recording SOPHIE to your YouTube channel!   Also, congrats!  The number of folks who actually figure it out are more seldom than you'd think!  Liked/subbed.

Your voice is great for broadcasting.  Keep it up!  Thanks so much for the kind words and playing SOPHIE.  Really enjoyed the video.  Liked/subbed.

Absolutely enjoyed watching your video! Glad you went back and finished, and that we were able to give you a few jumps. Thanks for playing and sharing. Liked/subbed,

Really loved watching you play SOPHIE!  Thanks so much for including our game on your YouTube channel.  Your broadcast was a delight.   Liked/subbed.

Us too.  Sadly, when you crank it out over the course of a week, you do what you can!  Thanks so much for playing, recording, and enjoying our game!  Liked/subbed.

That's mighty high praise, psychroclasm, thanks so much for the kind words and stopping by to share your video with us!  We'd found it via Twitter (so you already had a like and subscription from us), but wanted to extend our gratitude directly here as well.  Great video.

So glad for your video!!!   Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to record SOPHIE, we *really* appreciate it!   You definitely had some dedication to solve the room the way you did (writing things down), but it's refreshing to see that you were able to finish it the way that we kind of inherently just remember as the devs.   Feel like we'd be remiss not to advise that there may have been a bit easier way out, but really glad you stuck it out--it was probably the first time we've seen someone do this like you did.  Liked/subbed.

You're definitely not alone in your puzzle frustration. Thank you for playing and for making this video! Looking forward to seeing what you do next.  Liked/subbed

Not everyone gets the puzzle so it's not just you.  Thanks for playing!  Liked the video.

Ha! Thank you for a very fun, enjoyable playthrough! Sophie is sorry she wasn't more helpful, but the game devs won't let her be.  :)  Looking forward to your next video.  Liked/subbed.

Great video, and good explanation for your style playing games like this.  It was very fun to watch! Liked/subbed.

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Video is great!   Thank you so very much for playing our game!!   An easy like and subscription from us!!!

Thank you for playing, and for the fun video! It was really enjoyable watching you explore. You really checked everything out and it was fun to watch you figure things out.  Appreciate your feedback and thoughts! And agreed, hair that hasn't been brushed is definitely scary,! Liked/subbed. 

Thank you for making and sharing your video of SOPHIE. Really glad you enjoyed the game and the atmosphere even with the deaths. We'll definitely be taking a look at what happened on your last time through., and look forward to seeing your next video. Liked/subbed.

Thanks so, so much for playing and recording SOPHIE to your channel!  This was very to the point.  Haha.   Liked/subbed.

So glad you played!  Thanks for the kind words and taking your time to YouTube us.  Liked/subbed! 

Really, really loved the video!  Regrettably, you missed a handful of jumpscares (you had some *amazing* luck randomly getting those symbols correct--you ordinarily die if anything goes wrong after you're on the clock), else we hope we may have had one or two more screams.   Be that as it may, you definitely have a like and sub from us and we look forward to using it to see what you do in the future.   Keep making great videos and thanks so much for playing!

What a great video!  We've watched so many of these and that was still entertaining.  Thanks so much for playing and recording our game.  We hope you keep making videos!  Liked/subbed.

Well done!) With evidence and everything.  

Thanks so much for broadcasting, you totally have talent doing so (and a like/sub from us)!   Yes, 100% you had it figured out, and we were rooting for you.  For clarity, backwards walking down that hall is dangerous (there could have been something there rising up right on top of you).  We really appreciate you taking the time to record SOPHIE, thanks again for the kind words. 

SOPHIE really enjoyed your heart to heart chat over there in the safety corner, and regrets having to end you anyway.  She wants to make sure we get credit for designing the chairs though. They're much more comfortable than Unity chairs.

Your video was really fun to watch. Thank you for playing our creepy game. Looking forward to seeing more! Liked/subbed.

This video was seriously fun to watch! Thank you for the highly entertaining play-through. Very glad you enjoyed the creepiness. Liked/subbed.

Hey Lightifer!  Thanks so much for asking and expressing your interest.  So, we've been in development of another project, working title 'Virtue'for roughly a bit over a year now.  However, due to a number of things (e.g., all of our devs have other jobs too) and how ambitious the project is, we are unable to provide a tentative release date on that one.  

That said, the best way to keep up with us is likely to "follow" GoblinWare on Itch.Io, and/or follow @GoblinWare on Twitter.  More, if you want to send your direct contact details to and, we will be sure to shoot you an e-mail or let you know directly (with as much heads up as we can) about anything new we're putting out.  

Due to the popularity of SOPHIE, we've been flirting with the idea of extending it, adding new levels, more narrative, etc.  We're certainly about to release a version 1.04 which polishes a number of previous things that all the feedback has brought up (but which is not content-related so would not be considered a 'major update'). 

Hope any of that helps!