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why are you using Defold as Engine? What pro can you give to you? genuine question, i hope to do something at your level, great games, from italy 

I use Defold mainly to forget about multiplatform issues - including html5 port. 

The result is lightweight (and that's something I care a lot about) - Lua isn't hard to use, even when you're in a hurry - and compared to what I did before (multiplatform c engine, html5 done using emscripten) using Defold is surely less tricky - and faster.

If you're already a programmer I suggest you give it a try - but if your goal is "just" to make a point'n'click game and you're not already a coder check AGS or Visionnaire before that. 

actually I've already experience on web development , I have to choice between different tools like: 

1. Defold (you inspiring me)

2. Haxe with haxeflixel or heaps (a code approach)

3. Cocos creator (has typescript with 2d and 3d possibilities)

4. Godot for the community

Do you have a some suggestions to give to me about to make a good choice? I start to study how to make games about 3 months ago. I tried already to make something simple with microstudio and haxe, I know the basics on how to organize a project. I like to code, but I don't want to make a mistake because I like to code but I have not much time.

I haven't tried haxe - the other three are great - and so the choice depends more on your tastes AND the kind of game you want to make.

I prefer Defold - but if I were you (and if I were in doubt) I'll check a sample project for all of them and check what's the more similar to your preferred coding method/idea. Any choice requires a lot of time to learn not the language but the SDK and the way to work - so a bit of early checks are worth the time - imho.

Good luck for your game .-)

Thank you, I hope to make something like your games. When I do something I hope for a your feedback